How to Fill Your Life With Positive Things?

Positive thinking is laughter’s closest cousin and a powerful energy to be reckoned with. It may saturate our brain with imagery and words that can lead us to happiness and success in life. People who are continuously positive and active, expect and eventually get the anticipated level of success. They have an uncanny ability to flip negative thoughts into positive ones and move forward.

Overall positivity and laughter are excellent self-care methods to prevent depression, stress and anxiety. Laughter is not only a nutritious food for your mind, it is beneficial to your body as well. A study indicated that laughter can prevent heart diseases and people with heart problems tend to react negatively to everyday life. They are more hostile, are angrier and laugh less. Just a simple act of smiling can have the same of effect of a mild exercise, including better sleep, lower blood glucose level, better immune system, blood vessel vasodilatation, lower pain and lower stress.

Only recently, experts are scientifically studying the combined effect of positive thinking and laughter; although both have been proven to improve many unfortunate conditions such as chronic illnesses for centuries. In fact, some hospitals are prescribing humor treatments using clowns, entertaining books and comedy television programs at patient rooms. Humor can make frustrating situations less overwhelming by deflecting tension and anger. Laughing on yourself, as long as it doesn’t involve self-degradation can boost your self-acceptance and self-esteem, while improving your ability to communicate with others.

Humor generates positive energy, it makes us more active and encourages friendly physical and eye contacts; often they can be beneficial for social life and career. Humor can replace distressing and unfavorable emotions with pleasurable ones. For example, it’s almost impossible to laugh sincerely while feeling angry, distressed and bitter. Laughing together with friends can build a sense of camaraderie and a “we’re-in-this-together” mentality.

It has been proven that happier people tend to be healthier, for example the American Journal of Epidemiology published a study about how happiness is directly associated with favorable biological and health responses. People with better moods have lower cortisol levels, even when we include factors like smoking, weight and age. But unfortunately, negativity could be contagious and linger much longer than a common cold. There is also a possibility that some emotional responses are inherited or at least shaped by years of family habits, for example, once in awhile you’ll encounter a family full of pessimistic whiners.

Each time you have an urge to complain, quickly replace your whine with positive statements. At first, it can be difficult to do this and some negative remarks still slip through your mouth. It’s alright, just keep on trying. You may also think that being positive won’t change your life, so why bother? You should think the other way around, have worrying and complaining ever done anything to make your life better? Has it propelled you into a favorable position? Has being negative attracted good things in life, like new friend, money or successful career? No! Defeatism can only ensure failure, and it is not only bad for your life, it is also bad for your body. Often by being positive, you can eventually find solutions to your problems that are not possible to find by being negative.

Stop telling yourself about how bad things in your life are, which may eventually create a self-fulfilling prophecy. When using positive words, try to visualize favorable situations, a good visualization technique should involve all senses, visualize the smell, taste, feel, sound and of course, things you want to see. Smile to everyone, even if he or she is a complete stranger. When you’re working on something while smiling and catch someone’s eye, both of you’ll feel better.

Banishing negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones can be ridiculously difficult at first, but our brain is perfectly programmable. Given enough time and with some effort, eventually having negative thoughts in your mind can eventually feel uncomfortable. However, if you find it difficult to dislodge ingrained negative thoughts, EFT (emotional freedom technique) can be effective for helping you to have a more positive life. After you’re doing this for awhile, you’ll realize that you’re attracting good people, due to your good attitude and positive outlook on life. Whatever your situations are at this moment, you should expect and visualize on things you want to achieve in relationship, career, health, finances, spirituality and other things. Try to maintain a forward momentum and make improvements no matter how trivial it is. Eventually, things will get better as changing your thought and attitude will shift the focus of your life. At least, situations that are about to become catastrophic can turn into something that is just annoying, but tolerable.

You should be wary of negative people around you, as they are often toxic and counter-supportive. If you’re not careful, their actions may continuously suck vital energy from your life. If you’re dealing with low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy, the last thing you want in life is having negative people around. You shouldn’t react to their negative thoughts, words and actions, in fact, don’t try to argue with them as you may be sucked into a negative conversation. When talking to a negative individual, even making a neutral comment, like “oh, really?” can be mentally exhausting. You should find ways to end the conversation or at least try to divert the conversation to other topics. Don’t try to convert them to your faith in positivity, just let them watch how you can turn into a better person. Conserve your energy and divert it into something more meaningful.

Gossips are a somewhat accepted form of negativity and quite prevalent in modern society. When you pick up a gossip, try to decipher its characteristics. Malicious gossips can be hard to resist, because often they’re deliciously entertaining and enticing, which gives you a fleeting and false sense of power. However, dwelling on bad gossips can contaminate your positivity and divert your focus. Try to ignore others’ mistake and misfortune as it undercuts your purity and simplicity. If people around you consistently talk about a gossip, it can be hard to ignore them. You should change your internal dialogue and try to generate empathy for others’ misfortunes. Each time you hear a gossip, say a little prayer that things will be alright for the person.

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  1. Kathryn Reply
    May 23, 2014 at 5:38 pm

    I love this article about positivity so much! It has many practical suggestions and shows a clear picture of how much better one will feel if one can "banish negative thoughts." Both negative thinking and positive thinking tend to go in a spiral which builds on itself — making us go either upwards or downwards emotionally. It is good to notice the beginning of a spiral and understand its momentum. You can always reverse it and you definitely will get better and better at doing this as you practice. You can think of it as an experiment — with no expectations — just try it and observe. The more positive seeds we sow, either towards ourselves internally or towards others externally, the more happiness flowers we will see blooming in the future. Or we will see the weeds we have sowed with our negative energy thoughts. There is also a lag between planting negative or positive seeds, which is why sometime it can seem such an uphill battle for one who has been in negative energy for a long time (or around others who are stuck in a negative vibration). Just keep sending out the positive thoughts and ideas like Johnny Appleseed. They will grow and mature over time blessing you and others in amazing ways. Negative thoughts tend to be dark, contracted, and lower our energy. But when we play the "what thought makes us feel better" game, we begin to lighten up (fill with light energy), feel expanded and free, and experience a calm peace. We also will open up to higher levels of guidance and inspiration, instead of staying contracted and in pain. It can be hard to trust the gentle tendrils of happy thoughts, but don't reject them out of hand. Let them comfort and nurture you — they are healthy and what you need because you are a positive, light being. That is why negative thoughts feel so bad. They are like poison to our sensitive systems. Take the vitamins of positive thoughts and you will return to your natural health. Protect yourself from the media barrage of negativity — it sells products and excites our lower appetites, but again it is poison to our true selves, which need simple natural experiences and loving thoughts for health and happiness. Drop the rocks of negativity you've been carrying and fly free as you align with positive, light energy.

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