How to Be Taller

It is really quite peculiar but it seems that no matter what a person’s height is they always wish they could be either taller or shorter than what they are. This could be because of the old cliché, “The grass is always greener on the other side.” In fact, it is surely because of this. However, whatever the reason is that a shorter person would like to be taller; there are some methods that have proven effective in accomplishing this feat.

Why Do People Want to Be Taller?

The truth of the matter is being tall can be a benefit for a number of reasons. For women, being tall may mean the opportunity to do something like runway modeling. For men it could just help their self confidence as they would find themselves taller than the women they date. One of the main complaints from shorter men is that all the women they meet are taller than them. Of course this is not entirely true as there are obviously quite a few short women in the world but the general point is clear. In addition, if you are a shorter person then reaching objects that others can easily reach can be a very challenging task for you. These are just some of the reasons that people want to find ways to become taller.

Surgical Limb Lengthening

There is a procedure which is called the Llizarov method of limb lengthening through a series of surgical procedures. Basically what this entails is having the bone in the lower leg, also known as the tibia cut and lengthened at a rate of about one millimeter per day. During the time that this method is being used leg braces are in place to support your legs and allow time for recovery. This method can be quite painful and can take a good amount of time from start to finish. For more information about this type of limb lengthening it would be best to discuss the matter with your physician.

Shoes That Add Height

One obvious way of appearing taller is to wear shoes that add to your height. Women have been doing it for years with high heeled shoes. However, there are special shoes made for men as well. These shoes generally have a thicker sole area that cannot be detected at a glance. This means that most people would not even be aware of the fact that lift shoes are being worn. These shoes are a great alternative if you are going to be out and about but of course they are not a permanent solution unless you intend to wear your shoes at all times which is most unlikely.

Nutrition for Kids

While height is in most cases going to be determined based on genetics, there are some things to consider when dealing with children and how tall they will grow. A child must have a well balanced diet comprised of all of the essential vitamins and minerals that are required in order for him/her to grow to his/her full potential. Surprisingly many people are deficient in some of the most important vitamins to aid in height. For example, Vitamin A and Vitamin B1 are commonly overlooked. This is why a good supplement for children including these as well as calcium, phosphorus, potassium and other basic minerals and vitamins is so very important. These supplements can be easily purchased at any drug store or even at most local grocery stores. In addition, children should eat several servings of fresh fruits and vegetables everyday with a good amount of foods that are rich in protein.

Good Posture

Almost all of us have had an elder such as a grandparent tell us to sit up straight and stop slouching. Well, there is a good reason for this. Believe it or not poor posture can actually minimize your potential height! Practice stretching your torso straight up when you walk, stand or sit. If you find that there is a problem with your posture see a doctor right away. Parents if your kids continuously slouch when they sit correct them immediately and explain to them that doing this may actually cause them problems later in life. Good posture is essential to growing as tall as is genetically possible.

Do Daily Stretching Exercises

There are some exercises that are designed to help elongate the spine and these exercises should be done every day. One exercise that works like a charm is to stand in a door way and reach as far as you can. Trying to touch the top of the frame then bend straight down and try placing the palms of your hands flat on the ground. Repeat this exercises several times daily. The idea is to feel pulling in your upper back. If you do not feel as thought you are stretching your back upward then there is a possibility that you are not doing to exercise properly.

Use a Firm Mattress

Studies have shown that people who sleep on firm mattresses, using no pillow at all have helped them to grow a bit taller as it keeps the posture straight. The reason for this is that your vertical discs are not under pressure and this allows them to expand. By using a series of stretching exercises and sleeping on a firm mattress you will help to keep the discs and vertebrae in your back straight. This will help you to achieve the most ideal height. In addition, any activity such as lifting should be done in the correct manner by using the knees to lift rather than the back. This will help you to avoid back injuries which could affect your height.

In reality, unless you are to undergo some sort of surgical procedure you are not going to manipulate more than an inch or two by using natural methods to increase your height. Height is something that is passed down genetically. If you have a very tall father and a very tall mother, you have a very good chance of becoming tall yourself. If you have a short father and a short mother but had a very tall grandfather you still may wind up being taller than both of your parents. Genetics, no matter how many generations you are looking at will play a vital role in the ultimate height you achieve.

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