Ideas to Make Your Wife Feel Special

So goes the old saying ‘happy wife – easy life’ – and most guys would agree that if they want to enjoy peace and quiet and good company that ensuring their partners are in a good mood is one of the very best strategies.

Most of us want to please our wives deep down (if you’re honest with yourself) and few things bring us guys more joy than really spoiling our partner and making sure that they feel special and cherished – and hopefully impressed with our ability to provide and spoil. If you can make your wife feel special then this can also be very good for your relationship – it demonstrates that despite your domestic bliss you have not become complacent or begun to take your relationship for granted.

So the question is, how do you go about doing that? And what things are there that you can do to make your wife feel cherished and loved? This is something that you do in several ways – both through the everyday little things that you remember and say, but also through the big grand sweeping gestures. Here are some of each.

Gestures to Make Your Wife Feel Special

A big gesture takes time, planning and money and your willingness to spend all of these things on your wife makes her feel special and shows that you still feel the way you did when you first met. Every now and then just be sure to pull out all the stops and not to let her know that this is your plan. This can all be done on a birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or just as a surprise – and actually if the event is ‘just because’ then this can have an even nicer impact. Just make sure that she knows the occasion is about her, and that it’s about you celebrating how much you love her.

The Ultimate Romantic Date

Just going out on dates is a great way to make your wife feel special and like you still really care, and it’s a great way to avoid losing that spark in the relationship and to remember how you felt when you first started dating. Of course as the gentleman you should always treat your wife, but why not pull out all the stops one night for a truly special evening? Here’s how you do it:

First of all make sure that your wife will be free that night but don’t tell her why – if you make it a surprise then it will be all the more effective in making her feel really special. Next book into a restaurant that is as high class, posh and expensive as you can. While you don’t need to break the bank, just make sure that this is a cut above where you would normally go. If you want to be really slick though, then something else to add is to buy a new dress for her – demonstrating that not only do you know her size and what she will look good in, but also giving her a gift and making the night more exciting by giving her something new to wear. Lay it out on the bed and when she finds it she will already be delighted. Now for the finishing touch have a limousine come to pick you both up from the house and take you to the venue. Something else you can do is to book you both into a hotel for the night and this way you will be able to enjoy a romantic evening together in a romantic and different environment.

A Day Out

Days out are also great and these make your wife feel special in a different way. A great day out will be spent doing an activity that you know she enjoys – so think about what makes her tick. Does she love dancing? Because in that case a dance class could be a great way to spend the day. Does she love afternoon tea and shopping? Then plan a day to go shopping then enjoy afternoon tea. What will make this all the most effective is if she knows that the activity is not your cup of tea. That way it demonstrates that you are willing to put your own interests aside and to do something that is just for her.

A Romantic Night In

You don’t have to go out to make your wife feel special, and taking the time to turn your home into a romantic venue and to set the mood in many ways demonstrates even more thought and time has gone into the planning. When she’s at work, come home early one day and cook her favorite meal or something as gourmet as you are capable of. Then light some candles around the house, and decorate it to look romantic (add rose petals to the bed, lay out a blanket on the floor etc). Buying a new CD of romantic songs, or making your own mix tape is also a great idea, as is buying nice things for the bath – such as a scrubbing brush and a bubble bath so that you can relax and wash her in the bath. Alternatively some oils and a massage are also a great way to celebrate.

The Perfect Gift

Giving little gifts is something you should do on a regular basis as we will see later. But occasionally giving a bigger gift is also a great way to show how important your wife is to you. Of course jewelry is always going to go down well, and diamonds are particularly popular because they are highly valuable (suggesting you think your wife is highly valuable) and because they last forever – making them a great sign of lasting love. You won’t be able to buy your wife a diamond every week, but every now and then choosing a diamond ring is a great way to show that your love is still ever-lasting.

Other perfect gifts though might not be jewelry at all. Maybe it will be something huge like a car, or something a little smaller like a new set of garden furniture that you know she will appreciate. The more you make this something that she will appreciate, and the more it demonstrates how you know her, the more effective it will be in making her feel special.

Make a Work of Art

Do you have a creative skill? Most of us have something and can either draw, write, make music or do woodwork. Well why not make your wife your muse and base your next project on her, or for her? Why not dedicate your next novel to her, or sketch her. This is a great honor and also quite intimate.

Be Original

While all these ideas are highly romantic and sure to go down very well (expect lots of brownie points), they are all a little clichéd. Only you know your wife, and only you know the kinds of quirky things that she enjoys, so make the effort to come up with new ways to surprise and treat her – whether that’s by creating an Easter egg hunt around the house, or by creating a picnic in the garden.

It’s the Little Things

Any of these gestures will make your wife feel cherished, special and loved and this will have a positive impact of course on your home life and also on your relationship. Meanwhile though, it’s not just the big grand gestures that are important, but also the little every day considerations that make your wife feel special all year round. These are the subtle little things that can make your wife feel special that take no real effort on your part. Just think of them every once in a while.


Not about your own achievements – this will have quite the opposite impact and actually prove quite off putting. Instead brag about your wife to other people – let them know when she’s in ear shot all the amazing things she has done and how proud you are of her, or just brag about how stunning she looks that night.


A survey recently showed that hugging a man is the best way to make him happy in his relationship – well the same is also true with women and if you can hug your wife enough in a way that shows her you don’t want to let go she will feel special and loved.

Tell Her

If you want your wife to know she’s special then tell her that. It’s the most straightforward and simple way to get the message home. This means just saying ‘I love you a lot’ (which implies that you find her special), but also taking the time occasionally to spell it out and explain why. A love letter from time to time might seem like something you’d do at school, but it will be sure to make her feel special.

Be a Gent

If you want your wife to feel like a princess then it’s your job to make her feel like one. That means taking the time to open doors for her, to pay for drinks, to give her your coat when it’s wet etc. It’s all very old fashioned, but in this case old fashioned is good and she will feel special and looked after if you put her first with these little matters. You’d be surprised most likely at how important most women rate chivalry.

Prioritize Her

If someone puts you ahead of everything else, and ahead of things that they normally love doing, then this of course makes you feel special and reminds you that you’re very important to that purpose. Make a statement then by turning off the super-bowl to spend some time with your wife, or of canceling nights out down the pub from time to have time off to spend with her.

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