Amla Juice Benefits

Juices are something of a miracle of nature. While you can spend tonnes on health and sports supplements in order to look younger, live longer, run faster, punch harder, be smarter and dodge cancer almost all of these are secondary to the power you can get much more cheaply from good old fruit juices.

In the wild we’d have survived on fruits, nuts and occasionally meats when we managed to track and kill our prey – so we are designed to take in much more fruit than we tend to in the modern age. You know that thing about eating five fruits and vegetables a day? Well actually it’s inaccurate – in reality we should be eating at least seven and probably more like nine. The only reason that governmental guidelines say five is because they don’t think that we would be as likely to attempt five – better to give us a lower target so that we actually try to meet it rather than scaring us with something huge.

Thus it is no surprise that fruits and fruit juices have such potent effects on our body – and it’s a terrible shame that many of us don’t know quite how powerfully beneficial a lot of these fruits can be. Take amla juice for instance – which comes from Indian gooseberry. Most of us haven’t even heard of this little dink, but its benefits are insane. Read on for more on amla juice benefits and why you should be adding it to your weekly shop right now.

Vitamin C

If you’ve got a cold then vitamin C is where most of us turn for its impressive abilities in boosting natural immune function. Regardless of the condition it can help to strengthen your body to win the war against invading forces of bacteria. At the same time it’s also an antioxidant and that means that it can destroy free radicals and thereby prevent aging and cancer. This is why most of us eat oranges when we start to get the sniffles. But get this; amla juice actually has around ten-twenty times as much vitamin C as oranges and is in fact the source with the highest known concentration of the vitamin. For 100g of amla juice you get 900mg of vitamin C. Not bad, and this helps to give it an ‘oxygen radical absorbance capacity’ (ORAC) score of 3,277 which means it’s highly effective at fighting many forms of cancer.


As well as beating colds and cholesterol, amla juice can also help to prevent cholesterol. It does this discriminantly too by killing only the bad cholesterol (low density) and not the good high density cholesterol.


Amla juice is a natural anti-inflammatory meaning it’s a great thing to take if you have injured yourself or if you are experiencing an allergic reaction. Some websites even recommend applying it topically to swollen areas.


Like many juice drinks, getting you amla juice with the pulp intact will mean that you get fiber in your system and this will help you by clearing our your veins and arteries thus reducing cholesterol and heart problems, and by clearing out your intestinal and digestive tracts. Fiber is one of the things that many of us do not get enough of in our diet, so finding another source this way is highly recommended.


As mentioned amla juice is a fantastic antioxidant which makes it useful for preventing the formation of cancer. At the same time though the ellagic acid content can help to prevent many chemicals known to lead to cancer.

Gallic Acid

Gallic acid is believed to help treat diabetes. It is worth noting though that amla juice itself is quite high in sugar, so these effects might serve diabetics better when taken as an oil or supplement. Gallic acid can also prevent cellular mutations that lead to cancer and leukemia and can help maintain brain function. Amla juice is proven to be anti-vial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial because of its gallic acid content too. This means it can boost the immune system, help you to recover from infections and viruses, and even prevent fungal infections. It’s also the gallic acid content that contributes to the role of amla juice as an astringent and as an antioxidant.

Inks and Dyes

Many people turn to amla juice as an ingredient for hair dyes and shampoos. You can use amla juice yourself as a natural hair dye or to try and prevent gray hairs from sprouting.

Vitamins and Minerals

Amla juice won’t let you down in terms of vitamins and minerals either and on top of its impressive vitamin C content it also provides a good source of iron, carotene, vitamin B complex, calcium and more meaning that it can improve energy, energy use, bone strength and more.

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