Summer Tips for Natural Black Hair

Those who enjoy natural black hair are lucky to sport a hair color that’s relatively rare, that’s striking, and that can look great with a range of clothing and in a vast variety of fashions. However if you’re looking forward to showing off your natural black hair in summer, then like any other hair color you are likely to find that it dries out and becomes brittle. You might even find that the sun damage that striking color – and unfortunately because your hair is black that means it’s going to draw the sun to it even more (black absorbs light and heat whereas white reflects it). Here then we will look at how to avoid letting the sun dry your hair out and how to promote a healthy head of black hair even when the suns shining.


The problem is that a lot of sun and heat can dry your hair out and that’s what causes it to become brittle. There are several ways to combat this though, and they all involve replenishing the natural fluids that keep your hair glossy and healthy. You can do this by using conditioner when you shower at night (choose conditioner for black hair), or alternatively using a home alternative such as mayonnaise. If you really want to condition that hair then keep it under a shower cap for ten to fifteen minutes (make sure the moisturizer is specifically leave-in moisturizer).

You can also maintain moisture for your hair in other ways though. For instance making sure that you get lots of fatty acids in your diet will help your body to produce natural oils and these will help to protect your hair. Alternatively even just splashing your hair with some water can help to address the immediate issue.

The ends of your hair will be under the greatest threat in the summer sun, so protect these by using a little Aloe Vera at the tips and you will prevent it from fraying.


Of course another great way to avoid damage to your hair from the sun is just to protect it and to keep it out of harm’s way. Of course in the summer you are going to want to show off your luscious locks so that doesn’t mean staying indoors or wearing a hat 24/7; all it means is being aware of your hair and making sure that if you’ve been out in the direct sunlight for a while that you get some shade for a bit. Alternatively there are some more glamorous ways to avoid letting your hair burn and these include for instance wearing a head scarf over your hair. If you have managed to damage your hair then you should keep out of the sun for a while whilst it repairs itself. All this will also help you prevent sun burn on your scalp which is equally important.

You can also protect your hair and scalp from the UV rays of the sun with SPF protection. Many leave-in hair products boast this feature and this will block the worst of the damage (a burned scalp will lead to dandruff and even more dried out hair). Purchasing one of these products may be a good investment.


The style of your hair can help to protect your hair or can subject it to more punishment than necessary. Shorter hair is generally easier to look after as it will trap in its moisture more (as will layered hair) and will provide less surface area to get hot. Keep your hair short then to make it easier to protect (this also saves you on bottles of conditioner) or tie your hair up into a pony tail or pig tails. Braiding your hair can also be a very efficient way to protect your hair from sun damage, as can platting it. These shorter or tied up styles will also look summery and help to keep your head cool.


If your hair does lose some of its shine due to the sun then you can replace this with a gloss spray which will make it look healthier and more vibrant once again.

Don’t Exacerbate the Issue

During the summer your hair is already dried out through a lack of natural moisture – so don’t make this worse by drying it out further. Several things can cause a problem here including using bleach, coloring your hair, using straighteners (particularly chemical straighteners) and using shampoos that have lots of chemicals in them. Avoid these products and you’ll avoid worsening the issue.

Drying your hair can also be an issue – drying it forcefully with a towel can cause your hair to look tangled, while using a blow dryer will of course dry your hair out more (the clue is in the name). This is another reason to have shorter hair, but for long hair dry carefully with a towel and then just let it dry naturally. Tie it up with a towel if you’re worried about getting a wet back.

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