Aromatherapy Recipes for Stress

Of all of the universal blights that affect us all regularly, stress has got to be one of the most widespread, one of the most detested and potentially one of the most dangerous. We encounter stress at the work place, in our home lives, when we go for a drive and in our relationships and often it can all feel a bit too much. This is highly unpleasant and can sap the joy out of life – which is not to mention how bad it is for you and how much it can weaken your immune system, damage energy levels and sleep and cause forgetfulness and other cognitive issues.

Having a way to relax and unwind is highly important and can help you to restore a more normal balance and to let your immune system and your heart get a rest. If you have the ability to compartmentalize and look logically at your stress then you can take a step back from it and return to a calmer state that will be far more conducive to a healthy body and mind.

One way that you can greatly relieve stress is through aromatherapy which many find to have a very therapeutic effect. Being surrounded by calming and pleasant smells, along with lavender and other smells that we associate with sleep, can help to relax the muscles and cause us to more easily forget our troubles for a while and even to sink into a relaxed sleep. Lavender in particular has demonstrated efficacy in some studies for its anxiolytic effects (anti-anxiety) and in its impact on limiting sleep disturbances.

Anti-Anxiety Aromatherapy Recipes

Of course not all of us are experts in the use of aromatherapy and don’t happen to know any infusions. If you’d like to give aromatherapy a go for alleviating your own stress or that of a loved one, then follow one of the recipes below:

Recipe 1

3 drops of clary sage oil, 1 drop of lemon oil and 1 drop of lavender oil.

Recipe 2

2 drops of roman chamomile oil, 2 drops of lavender oil and 1 drop of vetiver oil.

Recipe 3

3 drops of bergamot oil, 1 drop of geranium Eoil and 1 drop of frankincense oil.

You can then multiply the amounts maintaining the same ratio in order to create more or less. Now to use the recipe you will want to make something of it so that you can enjoy using it. To spray it in the air, simply take 30 drop sand add 1.5 ounces of distilled water with 1.5 ounces of alcohol and then spray out of a spray bottle.

Alternatively, if you wish to use your anti-anxiety aromatherapy recipes as a bath oil then add 15 drops to 2 ounces of carrier oil and mix before placing in the bath and mixing well, make a hot temperature and you will be able to lie back and relax and enjoy the smells. Alternatively try dipping a warm flannel in and then wrapping it around your face to surround yourself with the smell and the relaxing heat. Alternatively you can take the same recipe and use it as a massage oil to help relax the muscles at the same time as creating the relaxing smell.

Lastly one very popular option is to mix with bee’s wax in order to create a candle. You will need to first melt the wax as instructed and then mix it with your drops (around 15-20) before leaving it to harden in a candle jar and adding a wick. You will then be able to release the smell by burning the candle.

Enjoying the Aromatherapy

To get the most from the aromatherapy you need to of course create an environment that is conducive to relaxing and stress-busting. To do this make sure that you have a quiet and dark room, light some candles and listen to some calming meditation music. Now make sure to forget all of your troubles that have been bugging you through the day – set yourself 30 minutes to an hour and make a pact not to let anything bother you until you have finished relaxing. When you return you will be energized and better able to take on challenges.

Alternatively if you have a willing partner then you can ask them to use the massage oil recipe in order to massage your back, shoulders and neck. You can still use lighting and candles, and the added muscular manipulation will help to ease the tension out of these areas and prevent knots and headaches.

Many people also choose to use aromatherapy to help them relax into a deep sleep and particularly lavender blends. Make sure that you are cautious if you decide to use candles while drifting off to sleep.

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