Stem Cell Nutrients

Stem cells are in the news a lot these days due to their usefulness in research and the controversy surrounding the use of embryonic stem cells. What makes stem cells useful is the fact that they are ‘blank slates’ in our body – cells that have not yet been given a specialized function (unlike most of our cells) and so can become any kind of cell in our body. While embryos provide an abundant source of stem cells however, there are also some stem cells available in the adult body and these are used as a natural ‘repair’ system to repair the various parts of the body. If you can increase your adult stem cells then, you can improve your body’s ability to repair itself – or at least that’s the idea.


‘StemEnhance’, sometimes also sold as ‘Patented Stem Cell Enhancer’ are supplements aimed at increasing the adult stem cells created in the bone marrow and encouraging them to be transported around the body, reportedly through the use of algae. Of course the company makes sweeping claims and the website includes stories of people looking visibly younger in days and recovering from serious conditions.

Unfortunately however there is not yet enough research on these supplements to confirm their effectiveness, and some of the claims made are rather spurious. The manufacturers for instance state that they haven’t done clinical trials because the effects are ‘so obvious’. Doesn’t sound highly scientific…

Meanwhile it is not only dubious whether this could work, but also uncertain whether we would want it to work. The use of stem cells is not something that is fully understood yet, and the uncontrolled proliferation of new cells in the body could very conceivably be linked to cancer.

More likely, ‘StemEnhance’ is simply a scam and a clever marketing ploy that has jumped on the press surrounding stem cells and used this in order to pedal something that is probably ineffective but may even be dangerous.

Stem Cell Nutrition

Meanwhile it is also possible when browsing the net to find promises of new nutritional courses that can help to ‘feed’ the stem cells. It’s not possible to get any information regarding this nutritional advice other than that you should add ‘enzymes’ and ‘probiotics’ to your diet – vague and unuseful advice. For the full diet plan you of course need to part with a lot of money, but the websites that are pedaling these programmes are far from encouraging and this is likely to be yet another scam that unforgivably targets the desperate and the ill-informed.

How to Increase Adult Stem Cells

One way to increase stem cell function though is through exercise – unfortunately it requires work and isn’t a happy pill but it’s also scientifically proven. Exercise encourages mesenchymal stem cells to turn into bone and other useful things rather than fat which isn’t going to stop you aging, but will help to encourage healthy bones. Meanwhile consuming the amino acids that make up tissue in the body, getting lots of rest and avoiding oxidative damage to your body, should all help to improve your body’s ‘regeneration’ far more than any spurious ‘stem cell nutrition’ eBook that costs you $800…

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