Reasons for Contact Lenses Discomfort

The first time you put in contact lenses is often an ordeal to say the least. We find ourselves blinking them out, jabbing our eye, dropping them on the floor and gradually making our eyes redder and redder and more and more watery.

Over time, most of us manage to get the hang of it, and find that the contact lenses pop in and out with relatively little difficulty. Some however are not so lucky, and there are others among us who find we never get to the point where we forget we’re wearing contacts and where they sit in comfortably. If you have to wear contacts in order to see, then contact lens discomfort can be a constant irritation. Here then we will look at what could cause that kind of discomfort and how you can go about potentially making them fit a little more snuggly.

Possible Causes of Contact Lens Discomfort

Poor Fitting Contacts

Everyone has a slightly different shape to their eye and the contours and curves will vary from case to case. If your contact lens doesn’t quite match the curve of your eye, then this will prevent it from fitting comfortably and it will feel as though you have something ‘in your eye’. The solution is to try different contacts and to get your eye care professional to help you find a better fit.

Dry Eyes

The production of tears is important as a way for our eyes to lubricate themselves, and this is particularly important when we wear contacts. If your eyes feel tired and dried out when you wear contacts then this is a real possibility. To combat the problem make sure you stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of water, while at the same time using eye drops to help sooth your eyes. You should also make sure to use a good lubricating solution for the contacts themselves. This is the most common cause for contact lens discomfort.

Damaged Lens

If the lens itself is damaged then this can distort your vision while at the same time rendering the lens uncomfortable in your eye. If you have a damaged lens then avoid putting it back in your eyes.

Dirt on the Lens

If your lenses are dirty then this can get trapped between your eye and the lens. To avoid this make sure that you keep your lenses clean and regularly use your solution. Likewise make sure that your hands are clean when you put them in. Both points are also very important to help you avoid infections.

Other Causes

Of course your eye discomfort may not in fact be caused by the lenses at all and may be caused by other factors that are simply worsened by the contacts. For instance if you have an allergy, if you have scratched your eye, or if you have an eye infection, then this will cause general eye pain that will be worsened when you use your contacts.

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