Deworming Dogs and Puppies

Keeping your dog happy and healthy is an important responsibility. After all a dog should be your best friend, and as you may also recall a ‘dog is for life’ not just for Christmas.

At the same time though keeping your dog healthy and well is important for your sake and your family’s sake too. If your dog has worms then this means it has a parasite that can be seen in its stool, and which can have a range of unpleasant effects on humans. If you get worms in your eye for instance then they can feast on the organic matter and leave you blind – so it’s very important to deworm your pup.

Worming for Puppies

If you are the proud owner of a new litter of puppies then you are probably falling in love with them as you read this. However it’s very important for you to also remember to take care of them. For instance, you may not have been aware of this, but recognize that no matter how healthy your dog is, if it has puppies then they will be born with worms and it’s very rare that this isn’t the case (around 2-10% of puppies are born worm free). You don’t need to see the worms either for them to be there – as they will be visible in the stool only once the infestation has grown – and it’s better to prevent it getting to that point. Once your puppies reach two weeks old (not before) then be sure to use de-worming treatments.

Prior to this two week point your focus should be on maintaining good general health for your puppy, but also on hygiene and making sure you keep your hands clean after handling them.

The Treatment

Treatment for worms normally is administered orally, so you just need to slip it in your puppies’ food. You can get this medication either over the counter or via prescription, but taking your puppies to the vet for a check up is a good idea.

When your puppies are growing you will feed them the de-worming tablets at two weeks, four weeks, six weeks, twelve weeks, four months, five months and six months. From this point onward you should give your dog heart worm medication once per month to help prevent them contracting worms. Maintaining their general healthy by ensuring they get the best diet and lots of exercise can also keep them resilient against infestations and infections.

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