The Career of a Trophy Wife

Wondering how you can make it big and be a success? Want to drive a sports car, live in a mansion, hang in the best circles and dress lavishly? Want all these things but aren’t sure how to achieve them or what you have to offer? Being a ‘trophy wife’ might be the right course for you then, allowing you to achieve this kind of success and status purely by association with another who is highly successful and prestigious.

A trophy wife is a term used to describe the wives of highly successful men – they will be beautiful women who might well have other assets as well, but who will primarily be perceived as being eye candy and a sign of success for the man. This helps to elevate his status and of course is a ‘perk’ of that success he has achieved. For the woman this then means better living conditions, increased status and wealth and the excitement of riding in successful circles.

Many women are in a perfectly natural and healthy relationship and are called ‘trophy wives’ simply because of their looks. In such a case there may still be a genuine and healthy romantic bond between the couple, but from the outside it might look just like a ‘trophy wife’ situation.

At the same time though, to other women this is a knowing ‘strategy’ or even a ‘career’. Here they set out intentionally to nab themselves a successful man and will invest time and money on facilitating this and potentially at the expense of advancing any other kind of career. This then is how they succeed, and some women will even use their elevated status once they find their man in order to launch other dream careers as a model or as a business owner. Whether the man is aware of the unspoken agreement will vary from case to case.

How to Be a Trophy Wife

If this is something that appeals to you then you might be wondering how you can go about nabbing your own successful man whose arm you can hang off of. Here we will look at a few of the steps and techniques that trophy wives use, and after we will look at whether this is really a good idea.

Manage Your Looks

Of course in order to be a trophy wife you need to have the looks to compete. You need to have the looks that will make you desirable to the man who can have everything, and you need to help elevate his status among his peers through your looks alone. Of course you can only work with what you’ve been given, but it’s surprising how dressing in a certain way and investing in makeup can elevate your looks. Here you will want to invest in beauty treatments, beauty products, makeup and the best clothing. Some trophy wives also use plastic surgery, though of course that is crossing a line for some people.

Dress Well

Likewise you must also dress the part and this means wearing clothes that are fashionable and that will enhance your physique. Tall heals, tight jeans, short skirts, low cut tops etc are all part of the dress code for the career of a trophy wife.

Act Correctly

You also need to know how to act and how to conduct yourself. If you want to be a trophy wife then you need to act just as attractively and desirably as you look and to accomplish that you need to have an air of confidence about you, to know how to flirt and to tease and to have the charisma to bring all eyes to you in a room.

Meet the Right Men

Then, once you have perfectly polished your act, it is of course a matter of actually meeting the men who will proudly have you for their trophy wife. To do this you need of course to go to the right places and you need to know what you are looking for. One way to accomplish this is to make sure you simply move in the right circles. Do what you can to be invited to prestigious events, work your way up the social ladder and make the most of contacts you already have. Likewise you can go to places where you might be likely to meet such men, and there are many dating agencies and websites set up specifically for wealthy men to meet trophy wives which can facilitate your plans nicely.

The Life of a Trophy Wife

So that’s the ‘how’ of it, but is it a good idea to become a trophy wife or will it lead to calamity? That of course all depends on what you value in life and what you hope to get out of it, and it depends on how you go about achieving those ends.

For some, being a trophy life can be a hollow and vacuous existence that might be devoid of love and somewhat belittling for the woman. If you feel ‘obligated’ to fulfil a man’s sexual desires and to be shown off to his contemporaries then this can feel very objectifying. At the same time if your man is only with you because of your looks and the associated status – and if you are only with him for his status and wealth; then this can lead to a marriage that is devoid of love or passion for the woman or possibly both parties. For some couples who value their career and resources above traditional notions of romance, then entering into such a ‘partnership’ might be a logical and mutually beneficial move as long as both parties are aware of the situation. And this is far from a modern phenomenon – back in the days when people were judged on their ‘class’ and their standing in society, many marriages were used tactically in order to help elevate status and to provide for the children. Furthermore it is possible to be a ‘trophy wife’ and to still obtain the traditional values as well. Some trophy wives for instance will still feel affection or even love for their partner, and if they are patient and selective they will find a partnership with someone who is both wealthy and a desirable partner in their own right. Furthermore many trophy wives will use their elevated station and resources in order to launch other dream careers – perhaps setting up a business or getting involved in acting or modelling.

Thus the happiness of a trophy wife is hinged on how they approach the situation. If the only thing a woman is interested in is access to wealth, then she might find she ends up feeling somewhat hollow – and if the husband doesn’t love her in return then there’s nothing to stop him from ‘trading her in’ when her looks begin to wither (and if a prenuptial was involved this might leave her back at square one and without the assets that gave her access to that wealth the first time around). At the same time while the strategy might help to make a child financial secure, it is far better for a child to be born into a loving relationship which has more valuable psychological value.

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