Zerona Laser Treatment — Does It Work?

A Zerona laser is a low powered laser device designed and manufactured by Erchonia for use in non-invasive weight loss particularly around the waist and thighs. This is achieved through six non-surgical treatments that take place over a period of two weeks. Despite being relatively expensive, the idea is of course appealing to many people who are looking for a pain free ‘silver bullet’ to help them lose weight painlessly. But is it too good to be true?

How Does it Work?

The idea behind Zerona is that the laser ‘disrupts’ the adipocyte membranes (fat cell membranes) in order to release stored lipids and fatty materials and thus gradually deteriorate the fat cells.

Despite this claim, if you look online for other ‘official’ sites on the topic they will tell you that ‘no one really knows’ how Zerona works. This rather suggests that some of the institutions offering it haven’t been overly thorough in checking out what they are allegedly offering.

Does it Work?

Despite some claims, Zerona is not an FDA approved treatment. Right away that should be cause for concern. Furthermore, a quick search online will direct you to many reports of people who have been unhappy with the results. For example…

This is a scam!!! DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT GETTING SUCKED IN TO THIS!! I paid $2,400 for 12 sessions.

I’ve lost sleep because I feel I was taken by this Zerona laser rip-off scam and a fool for the wishful thinking that there was finally a non-invasive procedure for fat loss and weight loss.

I spent 2000 for 6 treatments. NOTHING. Followed everything they told me to do. All the reply I received was “well you just need 6 more treatments”.

I had this procedure done and it was a rather disappointing loss of 3500.00. I got 12 treatments for the cost so I was sure that I would see a significant difference. I was diligent with following the treatments, the vitamins, and the exercise and I didn’t have any difference at all.

Of course it would be a one-sided report to only include these negative reviews, and there are one or two cases where people report having lost some weight. However in such cases it is important to remember that the Zerona treatment also comes with a ‘recommended diet’ which of course will result in some fat loss – but which you could follow on your own completely free of charge.


In short then, it’s fair to say that Zerona is nothing more than yet another internet scam. At the same time it’s important to realize that even if it did work and you lost the promised ‘3.5 inches’ it still wouldn’t be worth anywhere near the amount of money charged for a theoretically temporary treatment.

Without the appropriate lifestyle changes including alterations to diet and exercise, you are unlikely to keep any weight off for longer than a few weeks. At the same time good old fashioned exercise is completely free, and it doesn’t carry any risks of side effects.

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  1. Thank you for this article. In searching, I found most of the articles, and even question/answer sites were clearly skewed towards the commercial side of this device. It was somewhat difficult to find an objective article on the subject. While I wish there was more research in this article (with specific interviews with real people whom have gone through it, with both pros and cons), this is still far ahead of all else on the subject that I could find.

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