Health Benefits of Serrapeptase

Serrapeptase is an enzyme meaning that it is a selection of amino acids used as ‘catalysts’ in chemical reactions. In other words when it comes into contact with the correct combination of chemicals, it causes them to react which can in turn case them to break down or change form. Serrapeptase is an enzyme whose role is digestive meaning that it is used in order to break down food. Specifically serrapeptase is actually a digestive enzyme for silk worm and is produced in their intestines and is used to dissolve the cocoons so that the moth can emerge.


So what interest does serrapeptase have for the rest of us? Well according to several alternative medicine practitioners it can act as an analgesic and an anti-inflammatory and has been suggested in the treatment of everything from back pain to asthma to heart conditions. The claim is that it can thin and drain fluids around any injury in the body which in turn can speed the repair of tissue and prevent the release of various compounds linked to the sensation of pain.

Does it Work?

If alarm bells are going off in your head at this point then you’ve been well trained. Of course anyone who likes to research their medicines before taking them will know that it is not uncommon for online peddlers to get hold of a particular drug or chemical that has health benefits which are spurious at best, and then to claim that they cure every problem in the world.

The reality is quite different and actually serrapeptase is not fully supported by the evidence. An overview of 34 studies dealing with the enzyme found that there were no studies that followed rigorous scientific procedures and that those which did not find positive results. Subsequent studies compared the effects of serrapeptase to a control group using placebos, and found that they were not shown to be significantly more effective.

In light of these discoveries Takeda Pharmaceutical Co in 2011 agreed to voluntarily remove their serrapeptase product from the market – though they pointed out at the time that there were many other similar products on the market.

While there is no concrete evidence for the use of the enzyme, there are as yet no side effects demonstrated either (though there have been some mild cases of skin rashes and stomach pains). With some people reporting positively on the drug it might be something worth trying if you are at your wits end – but in general you are much better off sticking with something more reliable such as Aspirin; even if only to avoid supporting companies that are willing to make outrageous claims and sell products that aren’t founded in science.

As an enzyme that helps to break down protein, I wonder whether this is something that could be used to aid in protein digestion for bodybuilders. Perhaps an area for future study?


  1. I was interested in serrapeptase as I have head and neck cancer. The serrapeptase enzyme is exceptionally good at digesting fibrin, and the remarkable thing is that serrapeptase does not touch living tissue, so it cannot eat its way through cell walls or veins and so on.

    I'm always fascinated when someone says "the evidence doesn't support…" x, y or z. Because my surgeon strongly advised I take chemo, accept radical neck dissection, and radiation on the back of my tongue, where the primary tumour is. (I have mets to the adjacent lymph). When I asked for studies showing that these procedures (which would take more than 9 months, and, as he admitted, "about a year to feel I had recovered from") would add to my life expectancy he declined to show me any.

    I went for a second opinion in Harley Street. The ENT clinic there made the same strong suggestions, and again I asked for studies. They became very bashful and wouldn't suggest any. So I found some online, conducted by radiology professionals in the UK in 2006, and these showed chemo in particular added barely 2% to 5 year survival of cancer, and only in very rare cancers – the type I didn't have.

    I did my own study and started taking serrapeptase. A lot of it. The product is called neprinol and each tablet has 15,000 FDU (fibrin digesting units). I took 30 a day. In no time flat I felt a gnawing in my neck tumour (3.5cm) and over a period of 6 weeks the tumour has steadily become SMALLER. This is what I call a relevant study.

    So if you're going to make disparaging remarks about serrapeptase, I would strongly suggest you consult people who have tried it, and who may have information to add. This product has, so far, saved my life. I was not expected to live longer than 18 months from diagnosis (stage III head and neck cancer) and instead I am healthier a year on, with a smaller tumour. Draw your own conclusions!

  2. Nature has its medicine not man, man-made medicine are only good for short term use not for maintenance which is to maintain you disease.

  3. I read your article, and must say that I disagree with your information, I think serrapeptase does work, and very well. This may be anecdotal, and it may only work on some and not others, as we all have different physical make ups. Having said this, I would not subscribe to the rigorous barrage of drugs supposedly designed to treat heart disease, cancers and their ramifications, as the side effects and damage caused, far outweigh their efficacy as aids in the fight against the diseases. In addition, when folks are faced with major illness, resulting from poor eating and health practices, they become fearful, insecure, and are willing to accept almost anything that even monkey in a lab coat would suggest. There is no money in good health, and the practice is to push these poisons on us in the name of profit (surreptitiously), and calling it "good medical practice". I have seen many people who followed the prescribed regimes espoused by the medical community, and I must say, it's horrific, what these folks have gone through just to live a mediocre life, in many cases as they themselves put it, "not worth living". A sad statement on a protocol not worth a dime. I think you are very wrong about serrapeptase, and natokinase, I think these therapies work, if even selectively, but the benefits minus the risk, beats the "pill pushers" efforts by far and away. This is just one man’s opinion.

  4. Serrapeptase breaks down fibrin and eats away at it destroy breast cysts 80% of the time. Totally helps in arthritic conditions and ate at my husband calcium cysts in his neck turning them into butter in 4 months before neck surgery. I have seen blood work before and after with intense high inflammation totally turned down to normal after 6 weeks of use. Only to turn around and come back after stopping usage. Patient went right back on it and has never stopped. All conditions subsided. This is indeed an amazing protolytic enzyme that deserves research and studies. Only known side effect is very slight blood thinning like taking vitamin C better to go off two weeks prior to surgery and healing time. You can take inflammatory markers blood tests along with c-reactive protein tests and fibrin studies before and after results proven to be highly effective. Dosing is based on severity of condition. I am amazed at results.

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