Why Most People Don’t Get Into Shape

How many people do you know who have at some point come up to you and told you in great detail how they intend to transform their body with a new training programme and diet, how they’ve bought a new protein shake and book, and how they’re already seeing great progress. And then what percentage of those same people do you note come up to you two weeks later, looking no different of course, and having already given up on their new routine?

Unfortunately this is incredibly common and it’s something that a large number of people experience. The problem is that most people just don’t seem to have any luck with their training programmes despite their great intentions, so what’s the story and what is it that’s stopping them from attaining their physical aims?

The Universal Problem

If you give the same training program to two different people, then you will find that one person might get into great shape and really genuinely transform their lives, but that the other person just doesn’t have the same luck. The two people might well be almost identical (they may even be twins) and have the same circumstances and amount of spare time, so what is the key factor that makes one a winner and one not so much of a winner? (Writing loser felt harsh…).

The answer of course is all in the way that they think about their training, and the amount of determination and motivation they have. The simple difference is that one person goes into their training and doesn’t stop, while the other gets disheartened or distracted and stops.

You can always tell which person is which as well. The person who will get into great shape quickly is the person who doesn’t talk about it, who doesn’t read about it, and who isn’t worried about injuries. They are the person who will go home and start training right now (unless they already are at home), start doing press ups, and then do those press ups again every single night.

The person who won’t get into shape, is the person who asks around and looks online – the person who warms up for twenty minutes before their workout, and the person who buys books on great new fad training programs. In fact as soon as someone e-mails me and asks me for training advice then I tend to write them off and assume they’ll never get into shape. Unfortunately the harsh reality is this: if someone asks me for training advice and they haven’t already started working out, then they are actually just procrastinating, and they are actually just hoping for some kind of ‘silver bullet’ that they can use to get into shape without having to do any real work – a supplement, a program, a device or anything else. They make excuses and mask them as ‘being sensible’ but really it’s just procrastination.

And actually it’s the same thing with every other area of life. The secret to success is to simply start right now and not stop. If you want to be self-employed then set up your business NOW and start earning money (you don’t have to be self-employed) and if you want to meet ladies or men then go out TONIGHT and start talking to them in bars.

Getting Around This Problem

That’s not to say that I don’t sympathise with the people who can’t find the motivation, because this is a problem in itself. They never asked to put off training, it’s just in their nature. Chances are that there’s something holding them back – perhaps they are somewhat depressed and they don’t have the energy to work out as a result, perhaps they are afraid of injury, or perhaps they just are a little lazy. It’s crucial that they get over whatever this mental block is though, by seriously reflecting on what’s stopping them, as otherwise they’ll never start to make progress.

But if you’ve taken this on board then hopefully you’ve made a great start and started to see your problem as it really is – making excuses and giving up to soon – not your diet or the exercise program. And if you’ve really taken on board what I have to say, then you’ll start working out right now and not worry about correct form (as long as you’re careful and don’t overdo it), and you’ll not stop.

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  1. Totally agree, I am one of these people who have wanted to lose weight for a few years, but had no energy or motivation.

    What worked for me was getting paid for exercising, as I got a new job that is very physical and I also started riding my bike to work. So far have lost 15 kilos, and I can run without feeling out of breath. I could never have done this on my own…

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