How to Approach a Guy You Like

Have you ever looked across the room and spotted a guy that has turned your legs to jelly and made your stomach do a nervous flip? Within seconds your head has been flooded with images of the two of you together having fun and other such imaginings! Before you are brought back to earth with a bump because you have no idea how to approach him never mind speak to him. Don’t let it worry you too much, this has happened to, or will happen to just about every woman at least once in her life. So what can you do to overcome this impossible shyness when it comes to approaching members of the opposite sex?

Be Confident

Believe it or not a guy is unbelievably flattered when a girl makes the first move, let’s face it; overall it leaves them with much less work to do in the long run. It lets him know right from the start that you are definitely interested in him and saves him the time of trying to work it out for himself, with this pressure removed he is more likely to be relaxed and open to your approach. When you think about it, what better way is there for getting him to notice you than by you making the first move and placing the ball very definitely in his court?

If you are really unsure about how to make the first move, find out what he is interested in, either beforehand so you can bring it up in conversation or during that initial conversation so see if you have anything in common. Providing you are showing an interest in him he will be more than happy to talk to you. The more confident you are in your approach the more confident and sure about yourself he will think that you are. Just don’t go to extremes and appear over confident as you may come across as intimidating. You will have probably seen some girls that ‘try too hard’ they attract totally the wrong attention and can just end up looking desperate.

Offer Him a Compliment

Who doesn’t like to receive a genuine compliment? Plus a good and genuine compliment makes the perfect conversation opener. Even if it sounds really corny like, I like your shirt, or you have beautiful eyes. The first thought that enters his head will not be ‘OMG she’s crazy’ it will be, ‘Wow, this hot babe thinks my eyes are cool’.

Once you have got your foot in the door as it were, and you have broken the ice, give him ‘the look’. You know the look I’m talking about, you have been practising it in the mirror for long enough. This is the moment when you need to look your most alluring, your absolute sexiest best. It will only last for seconds, but of you do it right you will have him hooked and wanting more. One thing to remember though is that the look really should ONLY last for four or five seconds, any more than that and you may wind up being labelled as a crazy stalker girl to be avoided at all costs!

Approach Him on Your Own

Make sure that when you do approach him you do it alone, it’s fine to be with a group of friends when you first see him, but when you make your approach you need to do it alone, with their support firmly in the background. Making a move on him surrounded by your friends will probably scare him half to death. Plus, when you think about it, just how are you going to get to know him when you can’t have a decent conversation without your friends butting in? You can always catch up with your friends later, and tell them everything that you feel they should know, but remember some things should always remain private.

General Advice

• Be confident in your approach and more importantly be yourself, no pretending you’re something you’re not as you will only be caught out further down the line.

• Smile and use plenty of eye contact. Make sure you have his attention before you start walking over to him, that way he can watch your approach and see just how confident you are.

• Be friendly and find some common ground that you can talk about. If he starts flirting with you flirt back, pay him compliments and flatter his ego it will make him let down hid guard.

• Keep it private; leave your friends behind when you approach him, you can always regroup later.

• Don’t try too hard; you will come across as fake and desperate and may end up with a reputation that you don’t deserve.

• Enjoy the moment!

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