HGH VS Steroids

There is some confusion among bodybuilders and the general public as to what precisely HGH is. It’s a controlled substance that is illegal in many states and countries, and it increases muscle mass and burns fat… and yet it isn’t a steroid? So what is it precisely, and what’s the difference?

What Is a Steroid?

Steroids are defined by their chemical structure. Specifically they are defined by their ‘cycloalkane rings’ which are conjoined. In short then, steroids are defined by their formation and not by what they do. Hormones like testosterone are examples of sex steroids, but by the same ticket cholesterol is also technically a form of steroid as it has the same structure.

The steroids that most people associate with muscle growth and bodybuilding are ‘anabolic steroids’ which are so named because they put the body into an anabolic state wherein it will build muscle mass and burn off fat. They do this by causing the body to produce large amounts of testosterone which is the male sex hormone, and well beyond what is normal – which causes more fat burning and muscle mass to create a more ‘male’ physique.

What Is HGH?

HGH however is a different kind of hormone – not a sex hormone and produced in the pituitary gland rather than the testes. This is present in both women and men, but it is also ‘anabolic’ in that it triggers the creation of tissue in the body. Specifically growth hormone causes the repair and growth of tissue which makes it responsible for healing wounds, and when we are younger for encouraging height growth. At the same time it also burns fat, and helps to repair microtears in the muscle resulting in more growth – and it can even turn back the hands of time and help reverse the visible signs of aging.

Which Is Better?

Asking which is ‘better’ is a bit of a moot point. Of course both of these substances are banned for good reason and both have many side effects and risks. While the use of steroids can cause the body to stop producing its own testosterone and to start producing more oestrogen (leading to breasts) as well as causing hair loss, heart problems and acne; human growth hormone can cause various parts of the body to continue to grow beyond healthy levels – including yet again the heart, but also certain facial features (like our nose and jaw) resulting in an unusual appearance. There are safer ‘GH boosters’ and ‘T boosters’ that can help to encourage natural production of both hormones, but both are limited in their effectiveness when used over the counter.

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