Top 10 Qualities That Men Look for in Women

All men are different and what one man finds attractive isn’t necessarily going to be the same as the man next to him finds attractive. Plus, depending on what that man is looking for at the time, he will be attracted to different things. For example if he is just looking for a no strings attached fun romp then he is more likely to be looking at body shape and looks, but if he is looking for someone to have a serious relationship with he will be looking for personality, honesty and all of the other character traits that make a relationship work. There are some qualities that all men find attractive no matter what kind of relationship they are after.


Men like women to have a certain amount of confidence; they enjoy catching the eye of a woman when she walks into the room, and if she can maintain eye contact with him all the better. It shows that she is confident in who she is, how she looks and has a self confidence that will make her easy to be around than the more shy and retiring types. Men like a woman that can stand on her own two feet for the majority of the time, but will still turn to her man for support when she needs it. They do not want to be with someone who is unable to make decisions and is constantly relying on them to guide them and support them.

Make Him Laugh

A good sense of humor can go a long way towards a happy relationship. Let’s face it, who would want to be stuck in a joyless relationship with someone who was always miserable. Men like a woman who can laugh at their jokes, see the funny side of life and generally have a good time without having to be always serious about everything. Along with a good sense of humor there is generally a positive outlook towards life, which is what guys want, they probably have enough negative influences in their lives without having a girlfriend that has had a sense of humor bypass.

Pretty as a Picture

There is absolutely no denying that men are attracted to a pretty face and a nice figure, we’re talking the basis of attraction here. Men are also attracted to women that have an air of femininity about them, the more feminine a women the more masculine she makes her man feel. They also like a woman with nice hair, it may sound a little basic but it’s true, a woman’s hair can add to or detract from her femininity. A well groomed woman with a pretty face and shiny hair is more likely to attract a man that a woman who cares little about her appearance or her personal hygiene.


Independence can of course be related to confidence, but the kind of independence that we are talking about here is the independence that allows her to take care of herself and stand on her own two feet. A woman who is comfortable in her own space and can manage on her own is far more attractive to a man than a woman who needs help with everything, men do not like a woman who appears clingy and needy. As much as a man likes the feeling of having a woman to care for and look after, he also likes his own space and time to himself, an independent woman can give him this.

Empathy and Understanding

Men want a woman to listen to them, not someone who is far too engrossed in their own lives, or constantly moaning about their own life to spare him some time. A man will be more attracted to a woman that can empathize with him and show him the understanding that he needs, than someone who moans and nags who offers little in the way of support or appreciation.

Honesty and Loyalty

Everyone man or woman wants to be in the kind of relationship where the emphasis is on honesty. No one likes the thought that they are being lied to, and a man just like a woman, appreciates a loyal and honest partner. He is looking for someone that will be faithful to him, not be flirting with his friends the minute that his back is turned, and someone that will remain by his side through the ups and downs of life.

Relaxed and Easy Going

Men do not like relationships that are hard work, women who are more concerned about their appearance and what other people think of them is not generally someone that he can have an enjoyable relationship with. Men like the kind of woman who doesn’t mind if she smudges her makeup, or her hair gets a little tousled. While personal care and appearance is important to him, he needs to know that she can relax and let her hair down and be laid back. This is especially important if they are looking for a long term relationship, as when it comes to commitment men are more attracted to the ‘girl next door’ personality than that of a glamour model.

Caring and Supportive

Men like to feel that they are being cared for, while they enjoy having the status of man of the house or breadwinner, they like those little tokens of affection, small gestures that show them that they are being loved and cared for. Even something mundane as having his shirt ironed for him, or finding his sandwiches made for him before he goes to work can mean as much as a grand romantic gesture. They like to know that their girl is paying attention to them and taking care of the little things that mean a lot, a woman that does everything for a man can leave him feeling suffocated and overwhelmed, but get the balance right and you have a happy relationship. Men also like to know that they are being supported in their choices, whether it’s a career decision or a life decision they need to feel that you are by their side, able to offer advice when required and listening to his thoughts and reasoning objectively, and supporting him in his choices.


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