Babymoon 101 and Babymoon Ideas

To the uninitiated, a ‘babymoon’ is the term used to describe the time a couple take to enjoy one last romantic holiday before the birth of their first child. This is the time to chill out and relax before your nights are broken by crying babies and endless night feeds. This is the last time that you are going to ever go anywhere as just a couple, from here on in all of your vacations will be taken as a family. Look upon your babymoon as the ‘last hurrah!’ somewhere un-family friendly and totally fabulous.

Safe Travel

The second trimester of pregnancy is generally regarded as the best and safest time to travel. Hopefully the morning sickness or daily nausea will have passed and you are classified as safe to fly, though if you do intend to fly check with the airline flight restrictions regarding pregnant women and remember that no overseas travel should be undertaken without first discussing the risks with your antenatal care team and taking into account any advice or concerns that they may have. As important as this precious time with your partner is, you should never jeopardise either your own health or that of your unborn child. Before you even think of leaving home make sure that you know just what kind of medical facilities there are at your chosen destination, just in case you should need some attention while you are there, and look into all of the conditions and loop holes of any medical insurance that you either have, or need to have in place before you travel.

Babymoon Practicalities

Ensure the cost of your trip is refundable. Perhaps you booked your trip during the early weeks of pregnancy in the hope that any nausea you were feeling would have passed by then, unfortunately no two women experience pregnancy the same way, and if you are still feeling green around the gills well into your second trimester there is no way you will feel up to travelling anywhere. Plus pregnancy complications can occur at any time during a pregnancy, so book a trip that you can cancel if you need to and still get you money back.

Select a destination that has a hospital close by. The last thing you need to happen is to have an emergency in a remote little cabin miles from anywhere. Make sure that the nearest hospital is only a short drive away and that you understand the directions to get there from your accommodation.

Pack a copy of your medical notes. If you use a pregnancy folder to store all of your check up notes and blood results etc, make a copy of everything in there and take it away with you. If you do need to seek medical attention while you are away the medical staff there will benefit greatly from the information that it contains.

Don’t push yourself too hard. Remember the reasons for you taking the trip in the first place, this is all about relaxing and spending time with each other before your baby arrives, forget about trekking through the forest and exploring the wilderness, you will be far too tired anyway. Remember to take into account the changes in your body and don’t over exert yourself.

The Babymoon Package

There are plenty of luxury and spa hotels out there that offer a readymade babymoon package for expectant parents, the package generally includes multiple nights in the accommodation as well as special pampering treats for the mother to be as well as other special treats for the expectant couple. Features of a babymoon may include:

  • Relaxed breakfast in bed
  • Pregnancy specific massage for mum and a relaxing massage for the father to be
  • Special couples massage
  • Pampering treats such as facials and pedicures
  • Non alcoholic drinks
  • Chocolates
  • Double sized bath tub with luxurious bubbles
  • Romantic candle lit dinners
  • Baby or mother to be gift basket

Packages can vary from location to location, with some even offering novelty chocolate cigars for the expectant father, and even a monetary gift voucher to cover the expense of late night, room service cravings.

Things to Remember

This babymoon is all about you and your other half, it is about making happy memories together that you can draw on during some of the rough times ahead when you are both short on sleep and patience. This is not a trip for pounding the city streets sightseeing or getting back to nature on a five mile hike. If you think you feel up for it now, by the time the trip comes around your feet will be swollen just thinking about walking anywhere. The only thing that should concern you both is enjoying your time together and relaxing, savouring these last few months of there being only the two of you. Your life is about to change in a big way and you will probably never be so close to each other again as you are now. Make the most of it and come back from your babymoon with memories that you can treasure.

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