Consistent Exercise and Immunity – Improve Your Immunity With Diet and Lifestyle Changes

When it comes to staying consistent with your workout program for the long haul, keeping your immunity system soaring is key. See, fatigue, colds, and other health ailments bring down legions of fitness enthusiasts. Not only that, being sick all the time can take its toll on your productivity and overall well-being and health levels.

Therefore, to keep your immunity system strong and healthy, make sure to do the following.

Manage Stress

Though intense exercise boost fitness levels through the roof, but the body recognizes this type of activity as a stress factor. Bad day at the office or an intense circuit training workout are all the same to your internal fight-or-flight response. Add to that bad recovery practices and the stress of life, and it’s no wonder if you’re feeling burned out all the time.

As a result, learning how to manage stress will not only help you fare better in the world, it can also help you ward off chronic fatigue and other heath troubles. Luckily, you can keep stress levels at bay by just meditating for 20 minutes a day. Meditation coupled with deep breathing promotes a sense of well being and easy-goingness that can help your body restore itself from an aggressive training schedule.

Sleep In

Being sleep deprived can spell disaster on your performance and overall well-being levels. After intense exercise, sleep plays a critical role in helping the body recover from the hard intensity. And research found that chronic sleep deprivation (six hours per night or less) lowers your immunity protection by up to 50 percent.

Therefore, make sure to get adequate sleep during the night’s time. And it’s not just a matter of quantity; quality is vital as well. Sleep better with these guidelines:

  • Make sure you’re going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, this helps you regulate your inner clock, and thus you won’t need that snooze bottom after all.
  • Meditate before going to asleep. Not only meditation lowers stress level, it also helps you sleep better by lowering brain activity and shutting that inner critic.
  • Create a safe sleeping environment by eliminating friction and stress inducers. Get rid of your laptop, iPhone or any other gadget that can hinder your sleep.

Eat Well

A proper diet is critical for weight loss and athletic performance, but research shows that proper diet can be a major factor in proper workout recovery. To get the best out of your eating menu, make sure to include in plenty of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant rich food sources in your daily snacks and meals. Some of the best sources of these valuable ingredients are vegetables, fruits, seafood, healthy fats, herbs and spices.

For better recovery results, make sure to ingest something in the first hour after a workout (this is what is known as the recovery window). Taking protein and carbohydrates together has been shown to yield greater recovery results. Protein stimulates white blood cell counts and builds damaged muscle tissue while carbohydrates slow the release of stress hormone and replenish the empty energy tanks.

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