Score a Strong Comeback – How to Come Back After a Break

Even the most well intentioned runners are bound to fall from the running train every once in a while. Life demands can put their toll on your motivation and fitness resolve, and before you know it, your consistent running routine is a distance memory. Fortunately, the fitness wagon is always there waiting for you.

As a result, to score a strong running comeback in less than 3 weeks, do the following:

Week 1: The Ignition Stage

During this stage, you’re mainly getting back on the horse. You should not be concerned about time or distance; just keep putting one leg in front of the other. Here are a couple of things you need to do:

– Set goals. Setting goals is the key that can help you usher in ample motivation to restart your engine, once again. Your new goals must be realistic but challenging. You know what I’m talking about; enough to test your endurance but without leading to harm.

– Start slow. Adopt the beginner’s mind. Even if you’ve been a regular runner, taking long break leads to lower fitness and cardio power, thus you may need to start from scratch. Doing too much after a break boosts the risk of injury and overtraining. Usually your body needs two weeks to readapt to the running motion. As a result, make sure to follow a walk-run-walk as you gradually gain back your fitness prowess.

Week 2: The Building Stage

Still running? Well congratulation, most fitness enthusiasts can make it through the second week. To keep your resolution on track and running hard, do the following:

– Kill the boredom. Most runners fall of the wagon for one main reason: boredom. Fortunately, you can boost your motivation for the exercise by joining the crowd—whether it’s running with a buddy or a group. According to a two-year study by the University of Pennsylvania, exercisers who worked out with a partner reported achieving better consistency and losing more body fat than those who went solo.

– Add time. As you gradually gain back your former cardio prowess, make sure to increase the time spent running and take less recovery boots. If you’re able to run straight for 30-minute without much huffing and puffing, then you’ve gained back enough cardio power to up the ante.

Week 3: The ‘Next Step’ Stage

Feeling back on top? If not yet, here is what you need to do:

– Upgrade goals. If you’ve been running for at least three times a week for the last two weeks, then it’s time to up the ante and make your goals more challenging. In the beginning stage, your goals were about getting up and running without the risk of injury or burnout. You’re over it now.

– Build your new running program. Whether you’ve been a marathon or a casual runner before you took the long break, a well-rounded running program is key. Such a program must contain all running types: speed work, tempo runs, longs runs and recovery runs. This variety helps you build stamina, strength and endurance while keeping boredom and injury at bay.

Here you have it! Yes you can get back to your old running prowess in less than 3 weeks. All you need is the right implementation. As a result, make sure to put into practice what you’ve just learned, and always remember to stay within your fitness skill.

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