Man Flu Case Study =)

Man flu is the most serious and dangerous disease known to humankind. For a man to survive man flu he must be in perfect Chuck-Norris-like physical condition and even then he will come out of it forever changed. The disease exists only in men, though there is a theory that it is the cause of spontaneous combustion in women. It was formerly known as the ‘black plague’ until brave scientists sent the responsible spores for that particular mutation into space. It is worse than bird flu and swine flu combined, and was originally created through an unholy experiment using Hitler’s corpse and a bacteria pulled from the depths of hell itself.

Once diagnosed, it is desperately important that the man stay home and take time off work, lie uselessly on the couch and not lift a finger while his partner/mum does everything for him until he has completely healed.

That’s the story if you ask any man what man flu is anyway – but if you ask women they tend to dismiss it as more like ‘a mild cold blown drastically out of proportion’.

The Concept

The general idea behind man flu is that men tend to make ‘more of a fuss’ about a cold than women do. Based on casual observation.

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  1. You can always tell an expert! Thanks for contributing.

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