Stopping a Dry Mouth and Throat in the Mornings

Waking up with a dry mouth and throat can be a highly unpleasant way to start the day and can leave you feeling run down and sapped of energy. At the same time it can be a bit of a concern if it happens every day and you don’t know what the cause is. Here we will look at the potential causes of a dry mouth and throat in the mornings and we will get to the bottom of how to combat the issue.


Many people suffer with hayfever and aren’t even aware of the problem. Even if you have no history of the allergy, you should be aware that it is possible to develop hayfever at any time in your life, and that you may only be allergic to one specific type of pollen. Hayfever can also result in various different symptoms depending on the person suffering with it and depending on the severity of the issue. These symptoms though are generally very similar to those of a cold or flu, and tend to consist of a dry and sore throat, build-up of phlegm, coughing, sneezing and running eyes.

To try to prevent the issue there are several things you can do. One often effective strategy is to take an antihistamine before bed. Antihistamines work by preventing your body from producing the substance that causes your allergic symptoms, so even if you are experiencing the issue when you go to bed they can help you avoid the problem later. Additionally you should also just try to avoid the pollen from getting inside the room where you sleep and there are various ways you can accomplish this – by keeping the window closed and using air conditioning instead for instance, or sleeping in a room on the other side of the house.


Another potential reason your mouth and throat may feel dry could simply be that they don’t have enough moisture. Sleep with a glass of water by your bed, and more importantly make sure to have a big glass full of water before you go to sleep which can help to give you enough hydration to make it through the night. Meanwhile, to help prevent your throat from drying out you might want to consider investing in a humidifier if the air in your property is very dry. This will add droplets of moisture to the air which will in turn help to prevent your mouth getting too dry. You should also avoid things that will make you dehydrated before bed which includes alcohol and coffee.


Of course sleeping with your mouth open and making a snoring noise will cause your mouth and throat to dry out so this is just one more good reason to combat the problem. This is a whole other issue in itself, but some things you can do to prevent snoring include avoiding lying on your back (as this causes your windpipe to close over) which you can accomplish by putting a tennis ball in the back of your pyjama tops, or by getting a mouth guard to keep your jaw in the correct position. General lifestyle changes too such as losing weight, quitting smoking and drinking less can also help.


Obviously it may just be that you have a cold or a flu, and it’s quite normal for these symptoms to be worst in the morning as that’s one of the times when your immune system is low and you are already feeling generally groggy. The best solution is to ride it out, but to get lots of rest and consume lots of vitamins and minerals to try and speed up recovery.

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