How to Stop Cat Urinating on Bed


One of the nicest aspects of having a cat for many people is getting something furry and cuddly to sleep with, and while we might moan about them biffing our ears and biting our toes in the night, actually we also tend to find it sweet, endearing and comforting.

Obviously the easiest way to stop a cat urinating on the bed is to simply take them out of the bedroom and shut the door, but for the reasons we just described above this might not be something you want to do necessarily.

And that’s why it’s important to look for ways to stop our feline companions from peeing on the bed that don’t mean shutting them out completely. While there’s no guaranteed method, there are some home remedies which may help which we will look at here…


It sounds harsh, but the kind of punishment we’re talking about here is more along the lines of a quick squirt in the face with a water pistol, or the noise of rattling some keys… The idea here is initially to just show your cat that this behaviour is wrong, but also to condition them over time not to do it – each time you spray them they will come to associate the act of peeing on the bed with the punishment and will thus come to connect the two in their mind so that they no longer want to do it.

Positive Reinforcement

You should also reward them for positive behaviour which will have the same effect; and when they urinate in their litter tray you should reward them by petting them or by giving them a treat.


Similarly you can create an association by just getting them to link their litter tray with urinating – when you think they’re about to go (look out for tell-tale signs), just pick them up and carry them over to the litter tray. Likewise though, even if they have urinated on the bed already – pick them up and put them in the tray in order to show them what they should have done.


This one really is a little bit of a home remedy and may or may not work for you – it’s worth a try though right? Simply find the spot on the bed where your cat urinated (there will normally be one patch that they designate as their ‘toilet’) and then, after cleaning it of course, lay a little bit of pepper on the patch in order to mask it and create a smell. This works well because they don’t like the smell of the pepper and so they will be put off urinating there. Do it for a while, and eventually they will develop new habits and stop peeing on the bed. If it actually works that is…

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