Is Your Cat Pregnant?

When a cat becomes pregnant this is a very exciting time. There are few things cuter than a family of kittens, and few things that will bring you close to your feline friend than being present during the miracle of life.

Making preparations and finding some suitable buyers/homes is important here, but knowing whether your cat is pregnant or not is not always easy and can be confusing even for professional breeders. Making this harder is the phenomenon of phantom pregnancies where a cat will often show some of the signs of pregnancy without actually being with kittens.

While you won’t be able to tell with absolute certainty then, here are some symptoms that you can look out for.

Enlarged Nipples

One of the major symptoms of a pregnant cat comes six weeks into the pregnancy when they develop larger nipples. Of course it can be tricky to remember how large they were to start with however…

Distended Stomach

Obviously your cat is likely to have a bump in her stomach when she becomes pregnant. Try stroking it gently to feel for any sign. If your cat is just overweight, then the extra weight will be more evenly spread across her body.

Personality Changes

Cats who are pregnant will often become more affectionate and less boisterous and you might notice them becoming more of a ‘lap cat’ along with the other symptoms.


Like humans, a cat who is eating for two is going to experience an increased appetite and this too is a sign you can often spot.


As your cat nears labor she will often start to nest by gathering blankets and using her own fur in the basket to create a den for the kittens.

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