Why Christmas Is the Perfect Time to Get Into Shape

When it comes to Christmas I hear an awful lot of people talking about how their diet plans are going to go out the window and how they’re going to put on some festive chub. It seems that for many of us, Christmas is a free license to pig out and to let our fitness goals go out of the window.

But to me this is completely the wrong attitude. First of all, giving yourself a license to binge is only asking for trouble and undermines what you’ve been working so hard to achieve; but more to the point Christmas is actually in many ways the perfect time to be working out. Here we will look at why, and why you should change your attitude if that’s the way you’ve been thinking.

Why Stopping at Christmas Is Dangerous

First of all it’s important to recognize just how dangerous it is to stop your training program at Christmas. Normally when you give yourself that mental go ahead to binge over the festive season this applies not just to Christmas, but also to the other celebrations around it like New Year and advent. Most of us will then stop training and dieting around December 1st and not really start again until later in January. I know this because I’m currently in the café at my local gym and it’s empty.

During this time you will likely eat lots and drink a fair bit too and you will enjoy the warmth of staying indoors with friends and family. But then when the season is over you’re going to have no energy, a lot more excess weight, and the coldest and greyest months to try and get back on track – January is not an inspiring month to get back on the horse. The point is that if you stop over Christmas, it will be much more damaging to your overall weight and physique than stopping during any other time of year. And worse, there’s a good chance you’ll never start again…

Why December and Christmas Are Ideal for Getting Into Shape

December on the other hand is ideal for getting into shape and there are many reasons for this. Here are a few to help convince you to put down the Christmas pudding and to pick back up that dumbbell…

You’ve Got Time Off: Most of us want to spend Christmas with our families and for that reason we tend to book the day off and those surrounding it. This coupled with national holidays and days when the weather prevents you going into work gives you more time than you would ever normally get to hit the gym because you’re not going to be at work. So don’t squander it by just sitting there eating…

It’s Perfect Timing: A lot of people will sign up to the gym and begin new training programs around the summer and the reasoning for this is that they want to get in shape so that they can show off their beach bodies when they go swimming/start building sand castles. This is going about things completely the wrong way though because what they’re forgetting here is that it takes a good 3-6 months at least to start seeing improvements. In other words if you train in the summer then you’ll start looking strong in the winter when it’s no use. Train hard now through the colder months, and you’ll be looking ripped and pumped ready for the beach. It’s just common sense…

It’s Cold Out: The cold might seem like a reason to stay indoors and avoid training, but actually there are plenty of good reasons to train when it’s cold. For one it’s a great way to warm up – and if your gym has a sauna and a hot tub then that should be some incentive for you to go outside. At the same time if it’s cold out then you may as well spend time indoors in the gym, or at least running outside which will keep you warmer and also train your lungs and improve your VO2 max.

Protein Ahoy!: If ever there was a time we celebrated protein it would have to be Christmas which we mark by enjoying a huge turkey. That turkey will then tend to fill our sandwiches for weeks to come, and you’ll be likely to eat many more roasts and stews around this time too which means you really should hit the gym if only to make the most of all that good food.

New Year: Finally it’s important to remember that New Year is just around the corner. Now for almost all of us ‘getting into shape’ is going to be somewhere on our list and this will be something we want to improve. But if you’re waiting for New Year to start doing that then you’re really just procrastinating and you’re not approaching the training with the right attitude to begin with. If you want to get into shape then start now and when New Year comes around you’ll find it’s much easier to just stick to the routine you’re already doing.

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