Health Benefits of Cheese

When you’re really hungry, cheese has to be one of the most satisfying and savoury snacks out there to help turn the tide and help satisfy those cravings. Meanwhile, cheese is also one of the very best ingredients for cooking or toppings for our meals that can make a bolognaise, lasagne, carbonara, jacket potato, beans on toast, burger or many other things all the more delicious.

Unfortunately though, most of us think of cheese as being rather unhealthy, and highly fatty and will as such mostly try to avoid it. This is a shame however, as while cheese may not be advisable for those trying to diet or reduce cholesterol, it does have many other health benefits that ensure it’s not entirely bad news. When it tastes this good, this selection of health benefits is really all I need to be convinced…


Cheese comes from milk and so it’s perhaps no surprise that it has many of the same benefits. And like milk, cheese is high in calcium meaning that it can help to strengthen bones, and even strengthen muscle contractions.

Other Nutrients

Meanwhile milk is also high in zinc, phosphorous, vitamin A, vitamin B12 and riboflavin meaning it will give you a range of other great health benefits. Remember that cow’s milk is designed to give calves all the nutrients they need to grow up to be strong and healthy, and many of these benefits are helpful to us even when we’re full-sized.


Cheese may also be useful for combating cancer thanks to substances called Conjugated Linoleic Acid and Sphingolipids. Linoleic acid can also help to reduce cholesterol, meaning that cheese isn’t quite as bad for your heart as you might think (though still not great to binge on… ).


Protein shakes used by bodybuilders are actually made from a milk by-product (whey), so it should be no surprise that cheese is high in amino acids and as such can be useful for building muscle and encouraging the healing of wounds. It’s also great for growing kids, though that said there are leaner sources of protein out there…

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