Healthy Snacks for Diabetics

Diabetes is a serious condition that can be very dangerous if you don’t know how to manage it and that can lead to a range of other problems from nerve damage to loss of vision to heart problems. However the good news is that although diabetes can be dangerous, it can also be managed very successfully and if you follow your doctor’s advice it’s still possible to live a very normal and happy life.

However even if you’re managing your diabetes well, you may still find that it impacts your life in some ways that are at least ‘inconvenient’ – and chief among these impacts for many people is the way that it can prevent you from enjoying snacks. Diabetes is caused by a lack of insulin, or by insulin not working as well as it should, and this then means that the diabetic patients end up with too much sugar in their blood stream leading potentially to damage throughout the body. As you can imagine then, this very much impacts your ability to eat sugar and that means it very much limits your ability to enjoy snacks – many of which include some form of sugar.

Of course though, where there’s a will there’s a way and just because you can’t eat sugar in vast quantities doesn’t mean there aren’t any snacks out there for you to enjoy without damaging your health, and in fact some of them are even quite good for you. Here we will look at some of the best healthy snacks for someone with diabetes.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is sweet but it’s still relatively low carb and won’t do you too much damage. Eat it on brown toast and you’ll get some fibre out of the deal and energy to sustain you for a long time to come. Spread thinly.


Homemade popcorn is a brilliant snack that feels decadent and suitably ‘naughty’ (that’s what we want from our snacks), but at the same time is surprisingly not-bad for us. Popcorn is made from corn as the name suggests and it’s only all the butter and salt added that makes it bad for us. Make your own with a little canola oil and you’ve got another great light source of fibre you can enjoy during a film.


If you eat the right cereal then this can be a highly comforting and delicious snack that nevertheless won’t raise your blood sugar sky-high. Choose cereal like Fruit n’ Fibre and this will include no added sugar but again give you tonnes of fibre to keep your blood pressure low. Meanwhile to keep things healthy you can consider using a low-fat milk on top.


Natural yogurt is another great comfort food which is often what we’re looking for when we want a snack. At the same time this is also a great way to get some probiotics and to help digestion and other associated issues.

Apples and Cheese

Apples are fairly high in sugar, but they offer us a lot of goodness and it’s important to include fruit in any healthy diet – even a diabetic one. If apples on their own don’t sound healthy enough, then try eating them in slices with cheese. The combination of the savoury and sweet here is quite delicious.


Crackers are a good source of complex carbohydrates that won’t pile on the calories. Meanwhile they can be enjoyed with all kinds of other things from more slices of cheese, to more thinly spread peanut butter.

Mashed Banana

Here’s another brilliant way to turn a ‘boring’ fruit into a delicious and comforting snack – just mash an old banana in a bowl and then pour some milk over it. It’s high in dopamine and potassium and a great source of carbs throughout the day. And as long as you enjoy in moderation they won’t do you any harm.


If you want another savoury snack for when everyone else is enjoying their crisps then you can always chow down on some nuts which are high in protein, essential fatty acids and once again fibre.

Being diabetic might be very unfortunate and the last thing anyone would wish for, but if you follow these tips it can also help to make you a lot healthier. And of course if you’re not that bothered about getting extra health benefits from your problem then you can always just enjoy diabetic chocolate and crisps and thereby eat pretty much as you otherwise would.

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