5 Foods to Avoid for Fighting Inflammation

If you haven’t heard about the anti-inflammatory diet, you should know that by following an anti-inflammatory diet you can prevent or even eliminate symptoms of many chronic conditions and diseases as well as live a longer, higher quality life.

Research has found that hidden inflammation is the root cause of nearly all chronic illness as well as maladies like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and dementia, obesity and depression. If there is an over-abundance of inflammation in the body it can also lead to conditions like arthritis, digestive troubles or irritable bowel syndrome, asthma and eczema.

If you hope to achieve optimal health, fighting against too much inflammation is a crucial component. By avoiding inflammatory foods as well as reducing stress through meditation and exercise, you’ll lessen the chances of premature aging and a host of illnesses.

Trans fats

Trans fats should be avoided like the plague. They are found in foods like margarine, shortening and other highly processed goods such as pie crust, cookies, sweet rolls, biscuits, microwave popcorn and many fast foods like breakfast sandwiches.

Packaged foods

Packaged foods and basically all highly processed foods that contain harmful ingredients such as unhealthy oils, food additives and dyes, artificial sweeteners and sugar are also highly inflammatory.

Fried foods

Generally, all fried foods including hamburgers, fried chicken, potato chips and French fries should be avoided.

Soft drinks

Many Americans are addicted to soft drinks; both sugar-filled and artificially sweetened drinks are highly inflammatory. If you’ve picked up the habit of drinking soft drinks daily, instead of going cold turkey, consider reducing consumption by replacing at least some of your daily beverages with herbal tea or water infused with a squeeze of lemon for flavor.


Going vegan isn’t a necessity, although a plant-based diet is shown to be much healthier when it comes to contributing to inflammation. Red meat and poultry are most inflammatory while wild-caught fish is the healthiest option. Meat is best as a side dish accompanied by plenty of fruits and vegetables rather than the other way around.

What can you eat?

Focus on whole, fresh, real foods as much as possible. Fruits and vegetables with vivid colors such as strawberries, blueberries, beets, carrots as well as dark green vegetables are ideal. They contain lots of antioxidants and free-radical fight properties that can help fight off an abundance of inflammation.

Sip green or black tea daily if possible, and be sure to add healthy fats that contain omega-3 fatty acids such as what is found in olive oil, wild-caught salmon, flaxseed and most nuts.

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