A Quick Pro Tip That Can Help Prevent Acne

Suffering with acne is no fun and if you are prone to waking up with lots of new spots then you’ll know just how easily it can damage your confidence and ruin your day.

Unfortunately, acne is not terribly easy to combat. There are many causes for spots and identifying the best treatment for you specifically can be hard work. If you’re like a lot of sufferers you’ll possibly have tried numerous different products and hygiene regimes only to find that none of them have the desired effect. In fact using too many different skin products can sometimes end up actually exacerbating bad skin by drying it out. Changing diet can help, as can getting more sleep, and in general there are a ton of different factors that make it very hard to identify a cause and think up a solution.

Here is one more example of a potential cause of acne that may be affecting you and that might be worth trying. For some it will have no impact, for others it might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

One Quick Tip for Acne

The tip is simple: wash your pillowcase more often. The problem is, that if you don’t wash your pillow regularly it can end up absorbing a lot of moisture and dirt from your face which you will then pick up again while you sleep. It’s no good fighting oily skin if you’re then going to lie on a pillow that’s covered in more oil and dirt.

Washing your pillowcase more frequently can help a lot then (as much as every two days is advisable), as can making the effort to wash your face thoroughly immediately before bed.

A Few More Points

This won’t help for everyone, but if you notice you have breakouts on one side of your face often then there’s a good chance that washing your pillowcase more often will at least help.

Some experts suggest that the material of our pillowcases can also have an impact, suggesting in particular that satin could cause a problem. Rough pillows meanwhile could actually dry out your skin, which may cause your face to produce more oil to counteract that fact. While it’s uncertain whether this is really the case, it’s certainly worth at least trying to switch to natural fabrics if you’re experiencing problems.

So there you have it – one quick trick that could very well address your acne woes. And if it doesn’t? Well, then there are plenty of other tips and methods out there for you to try!

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