16-Or-So Fitness Hacks to Help You Stay in Shape More Easily

Everyone loves life hacks. They’re little tricks you can use to ‘beat the system’ and save yourself time, money or effort all while getting a smug sense of satisfaction. Browse the web long enough and you’ll be able to find life hacks for pretty much anything from cleaning the house, to making money to finding jobs – but there’s surprisingly little out there for people who want to get into shape. Seeing as bodybuilding and staying fit can be pretty hard work at times then, I thought that this would be an area that could benefit greatly from a good life hack or two.

Thus I have trawled the internet, my books and my own brain to find you the best fitness and bodybuilding hacks. All of these can help you to build muscle and burn fat while saving time, making the process a little more enjoyable and saving you money along the way!

Happy hacking!

1 – Raw Eggs, But Tastier

We all know that raw eggs are gross, right? Well I don’t, I love them actually so shut up =) But in case YOU find them not to your tastes, a great trick you can use is to add in just a little pepper and then stir rigorously with a fork.

1.5 – Opening Eggs Like a Boss

If you’re eating your egg hard boiled, then here’s an awesome way to get at it. First make a hole in either end, then blow hard into the bottom end and get ready to catch as the egg compresses and comes flying out like you were using a peashooter!

2 – Training Multitasking

One of the downsides of working out is that it takes time. Time that could be spent getting your learn on or having a gossip. To kill two birds with one stone then and feel a little more productive whilst training, why not listen to an audio book or podcast – or even take a hands-free kit so you can keep up-to-date with your correspondence.

3 – Smarter Playlists

Jog FM is a great app that plays music chosen to match your running pace.

4 – Make Running Fun

Zombies, Run! Is an app that makes you think you’re being chased by zombies while you’re training. Nothing improves motivation like the risk of being mauled to death by flesh-eating monsters.

5 – Easier Changing 1

Want to be weirdly efficient and freak out your partner a little bit? Sleep in clothes that you can wear to the gym, and that way you’ll waste no time at all. A string vest and loose shorts are ideal for sleeping OR training. A weight lifting belt not so much.

6 – The First Step to a Better Diet

Take the sugar out of your tea and coffee. Not only will this reduce calories consumed throughout the day, but it will also help you to get rid of your sweet tooth so you don’t crave sweets as much.

Don’t like tea without sugar? You’ll learn. If you can’t convince yourself simply to remove the sugar from your hot beverages, then what chance do you stand of sticking to a new, healthier diet? Man up!

7 – Avoid Puddings in Restaurants

Order coffee with a biscuit at restaurants. Eating out with friends is deadly for anyone trying to get into shape because of the social pressure to join in and indulge.

To avoid feeling left out when everyone else is ordering cake – which is usually far too big and rich – try ordering a coffee instead. It will normally come with a nice biscuit and you won’t be filled with guilt when you finish.

8 – Constant Fitness

Run everywhere. This is my favourite one – whenever I go to the shops for milk, head to the gym or go anywhere I run. This is partly for fitness purposes and partly because I am mega impatient.

9 – Less Fat in Your Protein

Protein shake is disgusting with water, but fatty and expensive with milk. Dilemma.

Solution? Make a mixture using two parts water to one part milk. It’s still nice and milk-shaky without forcing you to head out and buy milk five times a day.

10 – Less Washing!

Buy a microfibre towel. These dry off in minutes so you can take them to the gym and not have to worry about stuffing them in your bag afterwards.

11 – You Already Have the Apps You Need

You don’t need an expensive app to track your workouts, calories or whatever. Try Excel – or even just use notepad that comes with Windows and file notes into separate useful folders.

12 – Cheap, Healthy Food When Out

If you need to grab food while you’re out then popping into a supermarket is cheaper and healthier than hitting McDonald’s. But don’t buy the stuff in the fridge at the front – instead head to the back and buy items that you would buy on your weekly shop and they’ll be cheaper and healthier. You can get a whole pack of ham and a loaf of bread for less than a ham sandwich. Go figure.

13 – Easier Changing 2

Clothes are a surprisingly big problem when you go to the gym a lot. Instead of piling them up then, ‘file them’ next to one another like books so you can quickly pull out the ones you want without throwing the rest all over the floor like an angry Hulk.

14 – Cheap Nitric Oxide Alternative

Nitric Oxide (NO2) is a ‘vasodilator’ which is great for bodybuilding but very expensive. Another vasodilator and superfood is raw garlic – so try grating a little over some food for some health benefits. The back of a fork makes a GREAT garlic crusher by the way.

15 – Icy Water

If you want to take some icy cold water to the gym, then wrap it in a wet flannel before sticking it in the freezer. The water drops in the flannel will turn to ice super-fast and then chill your bottle for you in minutes.

16 – Tiny Habits

Do five pull ups every time you pass under your pull up bar to keep yourself active and ready for action throughout the day.

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