5 Health Tips That Are Good for the Planet as Well

Making sure to look after your health is incredibly important and you shouldn’t need any extra motivation to do so. Improve your health and you’ll reduce pain and discomfort, upgrade your performance in sports and athletics, increase your attractiveness, become more effective and productive and have far more energy and enthusiasm for life in general.

But that’s not to say that extra motivation is a bad thing. If you can find more reasons to get into shape then you may just find that helps to keep you determined when you’re feeling tired and ultimately improves your chances of actually sticking to your latest exercise regime.

And when it comes to motivations, helping to save the planet while also saving money has got to be a pretty good one. So if you’re at all interested in doing your bit for the environment, in reducing your carbon footprint and in helping to lower your energy bills at the end of each month; here’s how you can combine your passion for building up your body while at the same time using helping to fight global warming.

Walk, Run or Cycle to Work

Tip number one is to either walk, run or cycle on your way to work. In other words, just don’t drive! This way you effectively use your own energy instead of using energy from your car and that means you create fewer fumes. At the same time you’ll be building muscle, burning fat, training your cardiovascular system, increasing your fitness and VO2 max and generally increasing your health all round.

As an added bonus, walking or running to work also means you’re outside which means you’ll be getting more sunlight contributing to the increased production of vitamin D. You’ll also be getting more fresh air this way, while cold days will actually help to train your immune system. All that, and walking has been shown to aid creativity, whereas running can improve memory as well as acting as a natural antidepressant.

Oh and you’ll save a ton of cash. Other options include skateboard, rollerblading or even using jumping stilts…

Grow Your Own Fruit and Veg

Growing your own fruits and vegetables will help the environment in a number of different ways. For starters you will be supporting the local ecosystem with your garden, and secondly you’ll be reducing carbon dioxide through all that plant life.

On top of this, growing your own fruit and vegetables will encourage you to eat more of both – you’ll take a lot of pride in sampling the literal fruits of your labour and in showing them off to guests too.

Again, the physical act of preparing your fruit and veg will also encourage you to spend time outside which will result in numerous health benefits.

In order to really benefit from growing fruit and veg and to help the environment too, you need to ensure that you are gardening in an organic manner.

This means avoiding the use of synthetic products such as fertilisers and pesticides. Instead you should use natural alternatives, such as egg shells to deter slugs or home-grown compost to fertilise your soil. This will help to avoid unnatural substances finding their way into your body or into the local ecosystem.

Taking Cold Showers

A cold shower feels like the worst thing you can do to your body (at first anyway), but in reality it has numerous health benefits. For starters, taking cold showers will wake you up in the mornings and actually stimulates the production of noradrenaline. On top of this, cold showers will also increase your production of testosterone aiding muscle building and weight loss. For men this could also increase fertility.

Additionally, cold showers will help to strengthen your immune system by subjecting it to a small amount of stress. Mentally, many people use cold showers as a way to train their discipline such that they become used to doing things that are uncomfortable.

In terms of saving energy, taking cold showers will save you on all the electricity or gas you might normally use to heat the water; which is a lot! And if that isn’t enough to convince you, consider that you’ll also shower a lot more quickly (for obvious reasons) meaning that you’ll use far less water.

Engage in Activities in the Evenings

One of the biggest drains on your energy bills and on your health generally is simply sitting around in the evenings doing nothing. If you’re currently spending most evenings crashed out on the couch watching TV, then you’re not only draining your electricity to run the television, the lights and the laptop you’re probably using at the same time, but you’re also keeping your body in a position it’s just not supposed to be in for an extended period of time. It’s actually very unhealthy for us to stay in any single position for too long as this means our heart won’t have to do any work causing our metabolism to slow down. At the same time though, sitting actually happens to be particularly bad for us as it weakens the glutes and the erector spinae (the muscles on our buttocks and the small of back) while at the same time shortening our hip flexors. If you sit with a hunched back this can create more problems still and even prevent you from breathing correctly.

If you were to aim to do some kind of physical activity at least a few nights a week then you would save a huge amount on your energy bills while at the same time keeping you active resulting in tremendous health benefits.

Buy Locally

Heading out to buy tonight’s dinner? Then instead of going to Tesco and buying things that have been imported from thousands of miles away, instead look for a local market, green grocers or butchers. This will not only support your local economy, but it will also save on haulage and expensive transport costs. Furthermore, by buying local produce you’ll also get it fresher which will mean you benefit from more of the nutritional value.

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