The Best Cure for Hiccups – Satisfaction Guaranteed in Seconds!

There are many alleged cures for hiccups, but few that actually work. The most basic of these involves having people jump out at you to try and ‘scare’ them away or holding your breath for several minutes, while more convoluted methods involve drinking out the back or side of a cup or drinking elaborate cocktails of condiments and juices.

These techniques exist it seems simply for the amusement of everyone else. When you’ve had hiccups for a while and they seem not to be going away you often get to the point where you’ll pretty much try anything to get rid of them…

A Method That Works

To save you that embarrassment and frustration though, there does just so happen to be one method that involves none of this monkey-business and that tends to work first time with no problem.

And all it involves is swallowing three times.

Simply, when you are struggling with hiccups, stop and force yourself to swallow repeatedly three times in a row without breathing in between or stopping. This can be quite difficult as it’s hard to swallow quickly (due to lack of saliva), but that’s the reason it works so don’t let up.

What you’ll find is that in doing so, you will be holding your breath and taking control back over your spasming diaphragm. Once you manage this, you’ll find that your hiccups are gone.

The only potential drawback of this method is that it can sometimes be hard to fit all three swallows in before it works. If you find that to be a problem, then just try to time the start of the process better. And in one more note, bear in mind that you can’t swallow too many times when doing this. Manage to swallow four or five times in a row and you’ll only increase your chances of overcoming the hiccups successfully.

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