How to Use the 'Lift' App to Develop Better Habits

‘Lift’ is an app that aims to help you create and stick to good habits. Its main function is to allow you to enter daily goals and habits that you want to regularly maintain and then mark them as complete each time you do them. But it also goes beyond that with a number of smart features, which is why so many ‘self-improvement’ bloggers are currently recommending it.

Features of Lift

Understanding the basics of entering goals is simple. For instance, you might create an entry for ‘eating five fruit and vegetables a day’, or ‘doing a workout routine’ or ‘listing five positive things’. Each time you perform that action, you can then mark it as complete – and if you manage to fulfil the goal three times a week, then it will consider the goal as having been met. It also records streaks of successful days too.

On top of this, Lift also has a social aspect. If you add a goal that someone else has also added, then you will be able to see every time someone else ‘checks in’ to that goal. You can also connect Lift to your Facebook or Twitter account to see friends who are using the tool. You can then also ‘give props’ to people who are doing well, though they won’t be able to see who sent that encouragement.

You can also see popular goals that other people have set themselves, as well as how many people are joining in on them. An update a while back also introduced groups that provide guidance and tips on how to stick to your various goals.

The Benefits of Lift

The app uses an attractive ‘flat’ UI that makes it simple to see your objectives and to add more. This is all-important for an app of this nature, as it ensures you won’t be put off of using the app because it’s too fiddly or awkward. The pleasant looks also mean you should enjoy logging in and using it.

So why use an app like Lift? The idea is that by ‘gamifying’ your objectives, you can make them all the more satisfying to complete and all the more upsetting to fail at. When you see that you’ve built a ‘four day streak’ of sticking to your goal, you’ll find that you don’t want to break the chain of success and thus you become much more likely to continue doing well. You could alternatively use a calendar or a notepad to achieve the same thing, but the fact that Lift stays right in your pocket and is so quick and easy to update means you’re much more likely to use it regularly.

Likewise, seeing that people are routing for you can also help you to feel more motivated towards your goal. We are very motivated by social pressure as a rule and tapping into that is a smart move.

At the same time, Lift is also useful because it gives you inspiration and a means to find new goals. Scrolling through the objectives other people have set themselves is a great way to discover new ways to improve yourself in a fun and social way and with the added incentive you might just find you’re more likely to stick to them. It’s free, so why not give it a shot?

A Quick Tip

Lift works well, but it’s only going to be as effective as you make it. To make it work for you, try starting with a smaller goal that takes minimum effort and build up to the more ambitious ones. Try to get your friends involved and connect to Facebook to give yourself that added incentive.

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