How to Make Your Crotch Less Smelly (For Men)

Okay, this is a little bit of an embarrassing topic but it’s also one that a lot of men are probably familiar with – even if they aren’t too keen to admit it.

The issue is that a lot of guys have rather pungent crotchal regions. Now this might not be a big problem the majority of the time seeing as we aren’t dogs and we don’t go about smelling each other there, but if you’re hoping to get lucky with the ladies then having a stinky ball sack really isn’t going to help your cause. At the same time, a smelly crotch also suggests that you might not be taking proper care and maintenance of that area which in turn could mean it’s a little unhygienic down there…

Here then we will look at a few steps you can take to keep your privates odour-free and a little cleaner too.

Switch to Loose Fitting Underwear

The main issue that’s likely to be making this area smelly is sweat. Like your armpits, the area under your ball-sack is hairy and doesn’t allow much air to circulate which in turn leads to a build-up of sweat and bacteria. The only difference is that it’s not a good idea to spray lots of antiperspirant down there unless you enjoy the burning sensation that’s likely to follow…

One way to prevent sweating then is to wear more loosely fitted underwear. This way you’ll be letting a little more air circulate down there. You should also choose underwear made of porous and natural materials and should avoid trousers that are too tight as well.

Wash Thoroughly

Washing thoroughly is another very important tip if you want to keep bad odours at bay. The area just below your ball sack is actually one of the very smelliest and most unclean parts of your body and yet a lot of people will actually not think to wash with soap under there when they go in the shower. Make sure you are thorough and don’t leave any area unturned. A pleasantly scented shower gel won’t go amiss either.

And Dry Thoroughly!

Of equal importance is making sure that you dry thoroughly too. Bacteria is what is causing the smell here and bacteria love areas that are warm, dark and moist. If you set off for the day with your balls still wet then you’re going to be inviting them to come and set up camp. If you live alone or with your partner and no one else, then don’t be afraid to walk around in the buff for a while each morning to let everything dry out and get some air. This will also help to prevent rashes and itching.

Use Talcum Powder

Another thing you can do to help promote dryness and fight sweating in this region is to use a talcum powder after drying. This will soak up moisture including sweat and help to prevent bad smells that way.


Perhaps the most important thing you can do of all is to trim your pubes occasionally when they get too long. A lot of guys are a little self-conscious of doing this, but actually it has numerous benefits. In regards to smell, this will allow more air to circulate and will mean that dead skin cells and bacteria are less likely to get caught in hairs. Don’t shave the area completely as stubble can be very painful as you might imagine but just trimming them shorter will make a great positive difference.

As an added bonus, trimming your hairs down here will also mean that more of your shaft is visible. That’s right: you’ll look better endowed as well as smelling like roses!

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