How to Get Naturally Glossier and Healthier Looking Hair


Shampoo and conditioning products generate millions of dollars every year by promising one thing: healthier, glossier and more beautiful hair. It’s easy to take one conclusion from this then: people want glossy hair.

Now some of these products work and others don’t have much impact, but all of the good ones are expensive and you just know that everyone else is using them too. If you really want to stand out and make your hair look glossier then, you need to understand what it is that makes hair look shiny in the first place and you need to look at making it naturally healthier so that you are starting from a good vantage point.

Why Straight Hair Is Shinier

Shiny hair is first of all hair that’s healthy and colourful with just the right amount of moisturising oils. At the same time, it will shine best when the tiny scales of the cuticle lie flat which has the effect of bouncing back the light straight at us when we look at it. Thus flatter and straighter hair will tend to look shinier – so brushing is a good strategy! Straightening your hair can make it look glossier too but isn’t great for it in the long run – be sure to use a protective spray when you do straighten!

The Right Shampoos

Note that despite the rumours, your shampoo is not robbing your hair of its glossiness. As long as you use a good shampoo that contains some natural oils and isn’t too ‘harsh’ there’s no need to give it up. Shampoos that act to further smooth out your hair will also prove useful as they will help to keep it straighter looking and so more reflective. Conditioner is specifically designed for these functions and so can prove even more useful.

Cool Water

So if shampoo isn’t responsible for stripping your hair of its natural oils and glossiness then, what is?

Well one culprit is hot water. If you are having lots of very hot showers or baths then they may actually be robbing your hair of some of its natural gloss and shine so you should try to stick mostly to cooler showers in future if you want to avoid that (it doesn’t have to be freezing though!).


Most important of all is to make sure you are looking after your own health, getting plenty of exercise, sunlight and sleep and eating a healthy diet. Try to avoid stress and generally look after your own vitality. If you do this then your hair will grow stronger and you will produce more of the essential oils you need to maintain shiny and glossy hair.

Note: Something else that strips hair of its natural glossiness and beneficial oils is using hair dye and particular bleach. This can make your hair thin and straw-like and the more you use these products the worse it will get. For healthier looking hair then, try to learn to love the colour you were born with!

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