Uva Ursi is a plant with leaves that are commonly used to make medicines and that grows fruits enjoyed by bears. In fact, the Latin name ‘Uva Ursi’ literally translates as ‘bear’s grape’. Bears are certainly big and strong, so perhaps they know something we don’t about this exotic food?

Health Benefits

Uva Ursi is most commonly used for treating urinary tract disorders, particularly those affecting the kidney, bladder and urethra. It is often used alongside hops and peppermint to prevent bedwetting and urination.

Uva Ursi is able to offer these benefits via antibacterial properties that target the urine. Additionally it may help to combat inflammation and acts as an astringent – drying associated the tissues. It also acts as a diuretic and can help to combat contact dermatitis.

Risks and Interactions

Uva Ursi is not recommended for women during pregnancy or lactation as large doses may be oxytocic. Overdose may cause tinnitus, nausea, convulsions and other side effects.

Use and Advice

Urva Ursi can be enjoyed as a tea and has been enjoyed in this form for centuries. However, as its effects mainly target specific conditions affecting the urinary tract and it may have some negative effects, it isn’t recommended as a general health supplement. Rather, patients should consult with their doctor before using Urva Ursi.

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