How to Look 4" Taller Instantly

If you are self-conscious about your height, then you may find that this has a negative impact on your self-esteem, as well as on your career prospects, your romantic life and a number of other aspects of your daily life.

If you’ve ever felt really desperate, then you may even have gone as far as to look up the various supplements and other strategies to try and increase your height. Unfortunately though, none of these work and all they’ll do instead is to empty out your bank account. While growth hormone can encourage an increase in height during your teens, once your growth plates close it no longer has that effect.

The other option is surgery. This however is a particularly painful and invasive procedure that can have a number of permanent, negative effects on your health.

So what are you left with?

One option is to try and come to terms with your height and to accept yourself as you are. More likely though, you might be interested to learn some of the techniques you can use to appear taller, or to give yourself a temporary boost.

The following techniques can all help you to gain a little height. Combine them all and you can convincingly appear a few inches taller and no one need be any the wiser!


The first trick that can make you appear taller instantly is to place insoles inside your shoes that will give you a height boost. These effectively work like wearing high-heels, except they’re hidden inside your shoe so no one will know what you’re doing.

You can get these ‘height insoles’ from eBay for just a few dollars and the best ones utilize a stackable design that lets you choose how much extra height you want. This way you can gain 2 inches or more!

There are downsides too though. For starters, they’re not particularly comfortable or good for your feet – and in that regard they present all the same issues as wearing heels does for women. They also make you a little more likely to fall over and a little less fast on your feet. Finally, there’s the awkward issue of having to explain why your height changes every time your friends see you.

But as an instant fix for a height complex, they are perfect. The best way to use them is to put them on a low setting (1 inch rather than two or three) and to wear them only on occasions that demand them.


Women don’t need to use the above trick because they can just wear high heels. And so actually can guys to some extent. Certain smart shoes come with a bit of heel added in, while others will lift you off the ground more with thicker soles. Either way, if you can gain half an inch from your shoes, you’ll need less from the insoles!


Another trick that you can use to increase your height if you’re a guy, is to spike your hair up. Obviously it will be apparent that you’re not actually taller but at a glance that isn’t what will register. Instead, people will just see that you take up more vertical space and unconsciously you’ll appear to be a bit taller. It’s a no-hassle way to gain verticality that can add half an inch or maybe more.

Stand Up Straight

This is one of those tips you’ve probably heard before but ignored. Seriously though, your posture can make a big difference and you can easily gain half an inch by avoiding hunching.

And how exactly do you avoid hunching?

The most common advice you’ll get is to simply try to ‘remember’ to sit up/stand up straighter. That’s a lot easier said than done though. Instead then, focus on using vertical pulling motions in the gym, like the seated row (as opposed to the lat pull down). This will strengthen your back muscles in such a way that they’ll ‘pull’ you straighter and taller.

Fix a Pelvic Tilt

An anterior pelvic tilt is characterized by your pelvis leaning forward at the top. This happens when your hip flexor muscles are tighter and shorter than your hip extensors. The result is discomfort in your lower back, a protruding rear end (‘Donald Duck butt’) and a slight decrease in height. There’s a good chance you have an anterior pelvic tilt too if you work in an office or spend a lot of time sitting, as this is what causes the responsible tightness.

Stretching with moves like ‘downward facing dog’ from yoga can help to stretch these muscles out, as can lifting your leg up and outwards/forward (leg extension).

Dress Correctly

Finally, focus on dressing correctly. The objective here is to draw the eye up and down and to make yourself look slimmer, which has the optical illusion of making you also seem taller. To do this, try using lots of thin, vertical lines. Looking for a great suit you can feel tall in? Try a pin stripe! The color black is also very thinning, so gravitate towards those. High necklines and high-waisted belts also help to increase the height of all the usual reference points we look for. Short hair meanwhile makes the neck look longer and more slender.

Use all these things in conjunction and you’ll instantly appear far taller despite not having grown an inch!

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