Top Gifts for Health Lovers

Have a friend in your life who is health mad? Looking for something interesting to get them for Christmas or for their birthday?

Here are some affordable ideas for gadgets and gear that might just make them smile, keep them healthy and let them get even more joy out of their favorite hobbies…

Health Trackers

These days there are a plethora of different expensive health trackers and fitness watches. These track our heart rates and all kinds of other things.

But you don’t have to break the bank in order to buy a tracker! Actually, there are a number of much smaller units available from companies like Jawbone and Fitbit, some of which simply clip onto a belt and these can usually be found for between $30-$50.

Likewise, there are also a good number of fitness trackers from lesser-known brands which can do the same things that the more expensive ones can in some cases. If your friend doesn’t yet have any kind of tracker, why not get them a gateway tracker to start off with?

Or go the other route and get them a more unique tracker – you can get blood pressure monitors and other interest metrics in stores like Maplins.


There are countless books out there for fitness enthusiasts and many of these can share useful tips and insights that your friend might not have known previously. Some good examples to look into include: The 4 Hour Body, The Naked Warrior, Relax Into Stretch, The Supple Leopard etc.

Fitness Equipment

Fitness equipment comes in all shapes and sizes and while some things might be considered gimmicks, they can still make good gifts if they lead to a unique training session that’s fun and interesting for your recipient.

Some good examples include wrist and ankle weights, weighted vests, bull workers, ab rollers and kettlebells.

A particular favorite? Gymnastic rings! If your friend has a pull up bar in their home they can loop these over that bar and have a ton of different exercise variations available to them.

Daylight Lamp

Health isn’t just about exercise and diet, it’s also about lifestyle and mood.

One thing that can make a big difference to the way we feel and how energetic we are throughout the day is our exposure to natural sunlight. A daylight lamp can help those who suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) by providing a bright, natural-feeling light that gets slowly brighter in the morning just like the rising of the sun. One of the better known brands is ‘Lumie’ which produces lamps that are clinically approved for treating SAD and produce a wavelength more similar to that of the sun.

And your friend doesn’t have to suffer with SAD to benefit from these lamps either. They’re actually just a great way to wake up that makes you feel much more recharged than being startled by a loud alarm during the dark hours of the morning.


The NutriBullet is a device that is currently very popular. It calls itself ‘the world’s most powerful nutrient extractor’ but essentially it’s just a blender that makes life a lot easier. Not only is it powerful enough to break down whole fruits and vegetables but it can also then be removed and taken with you like a flask.

Massage Chair/Acupuncture Mat/Foam Roller

After a hard day at the gym our muscles can start to feel a little tense and knotted up. This is why so many people now partake in an activity called ‘foam rolling’ – which involves rolling around on top of foam tubes or tennis balls in order to work out those kinks.

If you’re sadistic then get your friend a foam roller – it hurts! Otherwise, you could go the more nurturing route and get them a massage chair or an acupressure mat.

Food/Workout Journal

A food journal or a workout journal is a great way for your friend to track their diet or their fitness efforts. What’s more is that it also provides a great keepsake afterward that they can use to prove to the world just how dedicated they really are (or were). Fitbook is a well-known option that is useful for logging fitness goals and progress.


Fitdeck is a unique concept that’s essentially a card game that forces you to train. Each card has a different exercise on it and this is supposed to be a fun way to work out with friends.

Hopefully this list has given you some inspiration at least. Be sure to let us know in the comments below if you can think of anything I’ve missed!

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