Health Benefits of Parsley Tea

Making tea is a great way to benefit from a huge range of health benefits. I’m not just talking about black tea, which is protective against Alzheimer’s disease and great for your concentration and memory; I’m talking about all kinds of teas that include any number of herbs, plants and other ingredients.

When you make tea, you basically infuse hot water with the flavour and the active components/nutritional value of that herb. This means you can enjoy health benefits from some truly exotic plants without having to eat anything and increase your calories. More people should start making their own tea!

And a great place to start is with parsley…

Health Benefits of Parsley Tea

The simple reason to make tea with parsley is that it is packed with nutrients. Specifically, you can get a host of vital vitamins from this herb which include vitamin C, B12, K and A. When you combine these things, you get all sorts of excellent benefits including stronger bones, a heightened immune system and defence against free radicals.

What’s more is that parsley is a natural diuretic. This helps to flush out the body and is good for liver function. Be careful though if you have existing kidney or gall bladder issues – the inclusion of oxalates can exacerbate these conditions.

Parsley is also thought to be a digestive aid and a relaxant. Most interestingly, the oil in parsley called myristicin is also thought to be effective in protecting against the formation and growth of tumors. It also offers benefits for the heart thanks to the content of folic acid – a crucial B vitamin that helps to convert homocysteine into benign molecules and thereby prevent the risk of stroke.

In short, this ingredient is packed with nutritional value and can do all sorts of miraculous things to improve your health. Drinking it as a tea is relaxing and easy and it’s practically calorie free… so there’s really no reason not to give it a try and add it to your regime! It’s much more than just a decorative garnish…

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