Home Remedies for Lie Bumps

‘Lie bump’ is a colloquial term for what is more technically referred to as ‘transient lingual papillitis’. That’s not a terribly catchy name, so it’s easy to see why the need for a shorter term was there! These are painful, hypertrophic papillae that appear on the tongue and that are white or red in color.

The name ‘lie bumps’, as you might expect, can be traced back to old claims that the bumps would appear if you had been lying. In reality of course, this isn’t necessarily true – though in some ways it could turn out to be accurate. Read on to find out more and to discover how to treat the irritating bumps.

Where Do Lie Bumps Come From?

Unfortunately, scientific studies have yet to pinpoint a cause for lie bumps and no one is entirely certain where they come from as a result. That said, it is generally agreed that they are likely to be caused to some extent by stress, gastrointestinal upset, acidic diets, sour food, smoking, local trauma or menstruation. In short, they are likely a symptom of being – as your Mum might say – generally ‘run down’.

So in theory, if you told a very big lie and it made you very stressed (possibly even leading to indigestion) then it is possible it would cause the bumps! But probably that’s not always the case…

TLP is harmless despite being a little uncomfortable and will go away over time, normally within a few days.

Home Remedies

As these bumps don’t have a known cause and will go away on their own, there’s not really much that you need to do in order to speed this process up. Of course you should try to avoid causing any extra trauma to your tongue and generally protecting your immune system can be effective. Let yourself rest if you are stressed, get plenty of sleep and fortify your body with good, whole foods containing plenty of vitamins and minerals.

But if you want to try some popular home remedies to solve the issue, then look into:

  • Gargling with a warm saline solution
  • Using ice cubes against the tongue to soothe the tongue
  • Boil milk with figs to try and combat indigestion

Oh and maybe try being totally truthful for a while?

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