How to Stop Cravings

Everyone has an obsession. Be it sex, food, love, liquor, gambling, religion. You name it… everyone has one craving that is out of control. And there’s nothing wrong with it. That’s how we humans are built.

However, when this one vices leads to another, and another, that’s when things well and truly get out of control.

Of course, we all have our preferences that we stick to but ever so often the one that causes all of our problems these days is the absolute craving for food.

Cravings… and How to Deal With Them!

The truth about the craving for food is that the tastier the food is, the more unhealthy it is. Sorry, but that’s how it goes. And while it isn’t realistic for one to actually not eat any of these foods forever, it bodes well that one is realistic if they ever decide to go on a diet. So, the first thing that one must consider is to understand that it is not about going on those short diets after which one revert to the same lifestyle again but to make it a daily thing.

Tip #1: No-calorie fluids

Apart from water, one can several healthy drinks that one can carry with them wherever they go. And why this is good is because when they feel the urge to eat something, any of these liquids will help them to curb the hunger.

Tip #2: A healthy breakfast

In being one of the oldest diet tips, this one is a pretty good one too. All you have to do is eat a healthy breakfast full of protein. Among the several options that one might have, eggs, yoghurt and dairy are excellent choices to eat before you leave for work.

Tip #3: Healthy snacks

Now, for some people who have to deal with cravings throughout the day, carrying healthy snacks can ensure that one does not indulge in foods that do not contribute to their health. Some healthy snack options are yoghurt, cottage cheese, almonds and fresh fruit.

Tip #4: Stay active

People who go on diets while showing no signs of any activity stand absolutely no chance of losing weight, and will more often than not find themselves in a position better known as ‘back to square one’. So plan a workout schedule… and most of all, don’t sit for hours at that desk of yours.

Tip #5: Take at least one day off

According to most diet specialists, completely depriving yourself of the foods that you love isn’t a good idea at all. And while it can get out of control if you snack on them every day, it is a good idea to eat some of your favorite foods on any particular day.

Tip #6: Healthier substitutes

Let’s say you crave for chocolate. Opting for a hot glass of cocoa with skim milk and a low calorie sweetener can work as an excellent substitute, and if you are careful enough, you will be able to find substitutes for each and every unhealthy snack that you might have.

In Closing

All in all, where there’s a will, there is a way, and if one follows these steps, they will be able to stop cravings.

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