How to Transform Your Morning Walk Into a Perfect Weight Management Routine

Are you getting increasingly worried about your weight? Getting more and more desperate to lose those extra pounds and get back in shape? But all those magic weight loss products are turning out to be nothing but rip-offs? And taking out time for the exercise or low calorie diet preparation sounds next to impossible because of your hectic schedule? And you hardly find any energy in your system after a full day of work to make it to the gym and working out? Then morning walk can be the answer to all your health and fitness related predicaments, especially the weight related problems which are becoming a real cause of concern for people living in developed countries.

Morning walk is easy, it’s fun (especially if you can get a friend to join you) and it can be a morale booster as well.

Here’s how you can turn a simple morning walk into a perfect weight management routine. But remember that managing your weight, or the overall health and fitness to be specific, will need a change in lifestyle. You shouldn’t be looking for a two or three months crash diet or exercise plan, so that you can get in shape and go back to your usual unhealthy routines after that.

Sleep & Wake up Early

Depriving your body of a good night-sleep, especially in the early hours of the night will increase the likelihood of weight or health related problems. If you are spending long hours on Internet or watching Television, and sleeping late at night, you are not helping your cause. True that you need some recreation but staying up and watching Television while compromising on your sleep will do more harm to your body than good. What’s more rejuvenating for a tired mind and body than a good night sleep? Even if you are trying to work or study till late at night, you should better be going to bed early, and waking up early in the morning to do that with the regained energy and a fresh mind.

Waking up early and going for a walk will allow you to have a good breakfast, which is an integral part of a healthy diet routine. They say, breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a beggar and this is a balance you cannot achieve without waking up early. Sleeping late, and getting up late means you will end up doing the opposite i.e. breakfast like a beggar and having dinner like a king. Not to mention all that fresh oxygen and hassle-free environmental that you won’t get at any time other than the early morning.

Push Yourself

When someone suggests that morning walk will let you burn enough calories to lose excessive fat, they are not talking about a casual stroll for 15-20 minutes. Ideally, you should spend at least 30-40 minutes on your walk and exercise, but even if you cannot invest that much time on your morning walk, you need to make sure that you are pushing yourself to walk a little longer, and a lot more briskly using long strides. You cannot have a lazy stroll for ten minutes, while you are not even fully awake and then expect to lost weight.

Include Other Exercises in Your Routine

Just because it is called morning walk, doesn’t mean you should just stick to walking and not try anything else. There are many stretching and body weight exercises that you can do, depending on your fitness goals and objectives. Doing these exercises in the early morning will boost your metabolism. Simply start walking at a moderate pace to get a move on, and then slowly increase your pace. Once you’re warmed up, do some basic stretching exercises and then follow it with body weight exercises like squats, push up, or some of ab exercises.

Be Regular

This is the most important part and often the most challenging one for people looking to stay fit. Persistency is one of the most important ingredients for the success of any exercise routine. If you are not an early riser, it is going to be quite difficult to persist with your morning walk routine, but you have got to keep pushing yourself to persist. It is a matter of 2-3 weeks and you will start getting used to of your new routine.

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