Sleeping With Shoulder Pain Made Easy

While it can be difficult to sleep with any pain in your body, shoulder pain can be particularly frustrating because you may not be able to lie down in your regular sleeping position. When you can’t get into the position that you’re used to, you are left with a double problem. You are not only having to deal with shoulder pain but must also deal with the fact that you can’t get comfortable the way you’d really like to be.

Here are some tips to help you get through the night when you have shoulder pain that may help you to find a comfortable position while relieving the pain in your shoulder:

Check your pillow

A pillow that is either too high or too low can definitely contribute to shoulder pain. Before going to bed for the evening, do a test run with your pillow. Try making it higher than usual or lower than what you’re accustomed to. See if adjusting the height of your pillow helps with the shoulder pain at all. If it does, you may have just found the cause of the pain in your shoulder and it may have been handled permanently.

Give your shoulder a rest

If you didn’t get any relief from the pillow tip then this should be the next one that you try. Make a pact with yourself that you won’t lie down on the side of your body that is experiencing this shoulder pain for at least a few days. This will take all of the pressure off of your shoulder and may be all that’s required to give you some relief from the pain.

Another thing that you’ll want to avoid is sleeping on your stomach. It’s inevitable that you will move about during your sleep and cause more strain on the shoulder muscles as a result. It’s best to sleep on your back or on the side that isn’t feeling any pain when you’re dealing with a sore shoulder. This way, when you do end up moving around during your sleep, you won’t be putting as much pressure on your neck or shoulders.

Change your mattress

If you have an older mattress it may just be time to upgrade it to a new one made of memory foam. These are top-of-the-line mattresses that conform to the shape of your body and many people have been able to alleviate their shoulder pain by making the mattress switch.

If you really don’t have the funds available to put into a new mattress right now, another thing you can try is to firm up your mattress by putting a piece of plywood underneath it. This will firm up the mattress, which is just the thing that some people require when they are dealing with shoulder pain.

Invest in a therapeutic massage

While the other tips can help you during the night time hours, a therapeutic massage can be taken during the day to help with your nighttime sleep efforts. Massages can either provide a long-term or short-term alleviation of pain and some people swear by them when it comes to shoulder problems. If you haven’t yet tried a therapeutic massage, it may just be the answer that you’re looking for to help you sleep when you are experiencing shoulder pain.

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    I have a trapped nerve since Friday what can I do should I go to hospital phone me or text back Sara x

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