How to Look Thinner: Tips and Tricks to Look Skinnier

Anorexia is not necessarily a gender thing. Er… what I mean is that this desire to lose weight (and look thinner) is not necessarily restricted to women.

This was brought home in watching the movie ‘Seabiscuit’, with Tobey Maguire playing the role of a jockey. And man, they hardly eat anything!

Even if they do, they vomit it out in the morning just before race time. It’s bizarre how much sacrifice these jockeys have to make in order to receive the highest honors and prize money in horse racing.

You might ask why?

Well, it’s because putting on even two or three kilos can have a big impact on the results of a 1000 meters race (forget 1600 meters), and of course you don’t want to let the gambling folks down. Or else anarchy and the death threats follow…

And then, of course, you have fashion models who are obsessed with losing weight to maintain that fit look, so that they can look their best all the time. And to me, that’s just too much work but that’s just me!

These are two examples where anorexia can take on obsessive-compulsive proportions despite justifiable reasons, and that’s where the danger lies. It’s bizarre how people are so negative about who they are… based on the centerfold picture of a woman in a magazine! And this is consistent amongst women with a junkie-like approach to these stupid women’s magazines that only makes them drown themselves in self-loathing.

But whatever makes you happy, really…

The bottom line being if you want to slim down for the sake of being (or looking) healthy, moderation is possible but not when you want to please other people. A healthy dose of realism with a positive attitude will take you a long way in achieving these goals in health and fitness. And that’s when these ads which go ‘Lose weight in Seven days’ will lose appeal… and you’ll go the tried and tested [Read: longer] way that has no shortcuts! Yet if it means that much to you, let’s look at a couple of (tried & tested, though) tips that will help look thinner:

Tips to Look Thinner

1. Stand tall, elongate your neck and square your shoulders. Yes, and remember to breathe deeply.

2. Pick clothes based on whether you are heavier at the top or bottom and of course, if you’re not so curvy. Just make sure that they fit comfortably.

3. Accessories and make-up will help take the attention away from the fat areas in the case of women. In the case of men, good luck with all that!

4. Exercise for at least 2-3 days in a week for at least 30 to 60 minutes, but most importantly watch what you eat. If you eat a lot of junk food, don’t stop all at once. Make a list of all the crap and eliminate two items every week.

5. And the biggest tip of them all: If there are negatives, there are some POSITIVES about your body too. FOCUS on them!

In Closing

To be honest, if we aren’t happy with who we are now, we never will be happy regardless of what we achieve in losing weight or in any other area of our lives. So be good to yourself because no one else will, for it is only the people who are friends to themselves that find friends everywhere too.

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