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Don’t lose time from work to make a doctor’s appointment, don’t sit around in a doctor’s office all day just to get prescriptions for the medications you know you already need. No need to make those follow up appointments that you might forget about, and if you do, you then run out of medication. Now you can get all you pain medication legally online. More and more people all the time are finding alternative ways to obtain their medication they need each month, and this is another alternative people are choosing to take.

You can go online in the comfort of your home or office and can get a same day consultation with the physician. A consultation is when you talk directly to the physician over the phone. You go over your medical history, what other medications you are taking, he also asks if you are allergic to any medications. He goes over your chronic pain condition, goes over your medical records that you have already faxed in along with your ID ahead of time. After the consultation he writes you a prescription and forward it to a US Pharmacy for same day filling, and next day delivery.

Along with your consultation you get an additional two refills plus up to three different medications per consultation. So you could get three medications with two refills on each one. This has proven to work very well. This works great for the person who can’t leave work to go to the doctor each month. Works great for the person who already knows what medications they need. Why pay a doctor’s visit just to sit around in a doctor’s office all day missing work.

With today’s skyrocketing healthcare costs and the fact that people cannot afford to miss work once a month to get their prescription pain medication, this alternative way is the wave of the future. I myself am a chronic pain sufferer and use this type of service. I have also found that the physicians are more compassionate to people suffering in pain to the traditional office visits. If you haven’t already learned by now, chronic pain sufferers are treated differently than other people complaining of a medical condition.

With this type of service you are actually treated like a human being. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants the proper pain medication needed to treat your pain, who wants the convenience of having it delivered to your front door. Anyone who wants a more pain free life, able to do the things you couldn’t do before because of the pain, I would highly recommend this to anyone suffering from chronic pain for a better quality of life.


  1. What website would I go to?

  2. I have chronic pain and wait up to two hours for my prescriptions. I too would like to have an online doctor to obtain my legal prescriptions. What website can I utilize? Thank you!

  3. How do I go about getting a consultation with a doctor?

  4. My right foot is scattered in like 7-8 pieces and I have really bad knee pain along with lower back pain, thank you for your time!

  5. If it's possible it would be a great idea, I drive about 50 miles to see my doctor which I do really like, it's the drive there and back in traffic that gets to me. So it would be easy to do online appts. Thanks, God Bless!

  6. I have been struggling with chronic pain issues for 30 years. Severe headaches and lower back pain with grin, hip and leg pain. I have had great doctors who have taken care of me well giving me the quality of life that everyone deserves. Unfortunately my most recent pain doctor has legal issues and his patients were let go leaving myself among many without adequate care. I’m frustrated, angry and in debilitating pain. I just want the medicine I was prescribed for twenty years and have historically given me the ability to live life to the fullest despite my medical issues of chronic pain.

  7. What is the point of this column? You repeatedly recommend using the online Doctor Service that you use. You describe the process repeatedly. You recommend people consult over the phone with your doctor send over medical information and discuss their condition so that they can receive treatment as an alternative to the existing pain management routine. Yet you don't mention how to contact the doctor that you recommend, nor do you mention the name of the company. I'm confused as to the point of your article. If you are trying to help people receive treatment the way that you do because you feel it is the best way to go about it why do you not leave the information necessary for people to contact the physicians that you are referring to?

  8. This article was very helpful.

  9. I need help getting Xanax for my anxiety.

  10. I suffer from chronic back pain and left shoulder pain. I am prescribed fentanyl and oxycodone for break through pain my current doctor doesn't want to treat me anymore even though he believes I am in severe pain I need help.

  11. I am look for a doctor to help stop my pain in my back I've try some over the counter medication but that is not working so I'm trying something else!

    1. Did you get the info. Thanks.

  12. How does this work?

  13. I don't see any info about this online resource? Sounds great, but I'm sceptical.

  14. I was in a terrible horse accident in 2005, since then I've lived with chronic pain that's unbearable. I also suffer from Sarcoidosis that causes joint pain every day, and I have endometriosis which has laparoscopically twice but the scar tissue returns EVERYTIME, and along with those problems I am a diabetic which cause horrible foot pain. I was under the care of a local physician that was verbally abusive. He had me on 120 mg of methadone and it was a God send, I had my life back but seeing him became unbearable but I had no idea how difficult it would be to find another pain management Doctor. I'm desperate to find another Doctor.

  15. Hello, I need to know what steps I need to take to get hydrocodone. I have documentation where I have rheumatoid arthritis and degenerative disc disease.

  16. Tired of taking off of work once a month to get my pain meds and then it's hard to get filled because pharmacies have a hard time keeping them in stock. I would love to have an online Doctor where I can send in my medical history and mri's to help me.

  17. I need help with chronic migraine headaches that do not respond to tramadol. I suffer for days at a time without any relief. With doctors afraid to prescribe narcotics I am not having any kind of quality of life. I have no relationships because of pain. Tramadol has no effect. I need stronger medicine that actually takes the edge off. I am at the end of my rope and sick of visiting doctors who won't do anything. Please help me.

  18. Discharged from military service with a destroyed lower spine. VA is the worst possible place to deal with doctors in Kansas City had surgery 2 years ago and still have suffered. Is the site still up?

  19. I have been on Social Security disability since 97 because of my lower back. I also have sciatic nerve damage in my left leg.

  20. I think this site is very helpful!

  21. Encouraging article except that I don't see any link or steps to follow thru w/ this type of assistance.

  22. Christopher Wright

    I suffer from chronic pain

  23. Need help with chronic neuropathy.

  24. This was a helpful article. I suffer from chronic back pain. I have DDD and have had a spinal fusion. It's so hard to find relief from pain with the strict standard on meds today.

  25. My girlfriend suffers from chronic pain daily. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and degenerate disk disease, around 13 years ago. She is only 37, she battles thru pain every day. She takes pain medication that really helps her but her pain management doctor decided not to renew her contract and she is in need of a new pain doctor. She has tried chiropractic care and that made it worse, she has also tried the spinal injections and that didn't work either. Her pain medication that she got from her pain doctor was the only thing that has worked long term. I would love for her to have an online pain doctor to prescribe her meds because the doctors around here are pretty rude and they treat her like trash and I'm tired of them talking down to her like she's no better than dirt. Can you help me get her signed up as she is out of her pain medication and will be in severe chronic pain until she gets her meds back.

  26. How does this work? Crushed discs…

  27. I have L 4/5 problems along with severe arthritis. I've already had two joints replacement surgeries. Additionally, I have a fractured hand.

  28. Please advise me of where and to whom I should fax my medical records to. This matter is of the utmost importance to me. I am so tired of jumping through hoops for pain management doctors who will not do anything about my suffering and quality of life. NO one should have to live like this.

  29. Please help

  30. How do I get a consultation for help?

  31. Do you treat rsd/crps?

  32. I was in pain management for six years and need to get back on medication. I stopped taking everything to have my daughter. Unfortunately, with herniated discs, bulging discs, stenosis and unbearable static pain I can barely move and my headaches are relentless. I just want to get back to having quality of life.

  33. Very informative and well written. I found it easy to understand and appreciate the information, and the time this person took to write it.

  34. I was in a bad car wreck and had pain in my neck before. But in the wreck my neck was broken in 8 places, I have 8 screws in it and in pain 24/7. Sometimes I can't hardly stand myself because of the pain. It also makes my arms and down the middle of my back to hurt. Don't sleep and have headaches all the time.

  35. My mother has had two hip replacements and suffers with lupus. She’s facing a long waiting list to see a specialist. What website could she go to?

  36. Does anyone know if this is for real? And if so plz email me with info. Thanks 2 all.

  37. I have chronic pain and doctors are too scared to prescribe anything, PLEASE HELP!

  38. Would someone please tell me how to go about this? I was in a car accident in 2011, two back surgeries and still struggle with chronic pain. Someone send me info, PLEASE.

  39. I’m not sure how this can work?!?!

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