Diminish Bloating Caused by Your Monthly Cycle

Menstruation is a normal and routine part of a woman’s life. Yet, a number of things can occur that can cause a woman pain at that time. One such thing is the retention of water that makes women feel bloated. Premenstrual water retention is a phenomenon that accompanies menstruation for many women. Retained water can cause the breasts to enlarge in an uncomfortable way. The excess fluid is lost during menstruation and this can lead to several after post-menstrual effects, depending upon body composition.

According to David B. Young, Ph.D. Professor of Physiology and Biophysics at the University of Mississippi in Jackson, it’s not known as to why women experience premenstrual fluid retention although there are a few theories. Dr. Young says, “It’s a huge question, and certainly hormonal changes are involved, but nobody has a clue as to exactly how to explain it.”

Despite this problem’s mysterious origins, there are an abundance of cures. Mother Nature is the largest source of such cures.

“Many herbs act as diuretics-that is, they help your kidneys remove water from your body,” says Michael DiPalma, N.D. a naturopathic doctor and director of natural medicine at the Village at Newtown Medical Center in Pennsylvania.

Drinking two to four cups of dandelion leaf tea a day is a good remedy for temporary bloating. If you don’t like tea, you can also try one or two capsules of dried dandelion leaf, according to Dr. DiPalma.

Lack of potassium can raise a person’s blood pressure and potential for fluid retention. Consuming potassium-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables will help minimize bloating.

Another problem that goes hand in with water retention is the gain and loss of weight during and around menstruation. People who retain body fluids know how easily weight can increase.

“Weight fluctuations of as much as four to five pounds in a single day are not uncommon in women with fluid retention problems,” says Marilynn Pratt, M.D. a physician specializing in women’s health.

According to Dr. Pratt drinking at least eight glasses of water a day is another way to safeguard against water retention. This ensures a proper balance of minerals in your body and removes excess salt that may cause water retention from the body.

Carbonated and alcoholic drinks may also trigger bloating. So try to limit your consumption of them. You also want to try to avoid gas-producing foods like fried and fatty foods, eggs, sugar and sugar substitutes, wheat, and many pre-packaged foods.

Women suffering from water retention can also use Hydrozyne™. It is a product that helps ease bloating, swelling, and weight gain before and after menstruation.

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  1. Kari Reply
    April 11, 2013 at 11:16 am

    I drink a gallon of water, every day, including when I'm on my period, and I routinely retain 8 pounds of water, every time. So no, sorry, drinking eight glasses of water a day doesn't do anything for me. And I'm tired of reading about how women on their periods go wild and eat candy and chips because of cravings. I do not alter my diet one bit during my period. So the weight I'm gaining is water, not fat from M&Ms.

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