Get That Flat Stomach Look? Get Rid of Big Tummy, Pot Belly and Beer Belly Fast

How to get that flat stomach look and get rid of big tummy, pot belly and beer belly fast?

By exercising your Transversus Abdominus Muscle. This is the muscle in your abdomen that holds your stomach in giving you the flat belly look. This muscle acts like a corset around your tummy by holding your tummy in and if the muscle is weak, your belly will be distended more easily making your tummy looking much bigger than it should just like having a beer belly. This is one of the reasons why people have pot belly or beer belly besides simply blaming it on tummy fat. This is the muscle that can help you get that flat stomach look. If you want to get that flat stomach look, you must strengthen this muscle.

Just to have a feel of how this muscle work, try blowing out all the air in your lungs and pull your tummy in. There, you have just used your transversus abdominus muscle to execute that movement.

Start the exercise by exhaling all the air from your lungs hard. At the same time, pull in your tummy as tight as you can and at the same time visualizing your belly button is about to touch your spine. Do breathe lightly in that position and hold the posture for about 45 seconds. Then repeat the exercise for a few more sets. You will then be teaching your abs muscle to continuously hold your tummy in giving you flat stomach look.

The beauty of this exercise is that you carry it out everywhere and anywhere without ever going to the gym. It is so discreet that people will not even notice you exercising even when you are waiting for the office lift or at your desk at work.

A more effective version of this exercise would require you to be on all fours in a crawling position. Then execute the exercise as described above except that this time, you are on your hands and feet. Do both exercises every other day and when combined with a fat loss routine of a proper diet, weight training and cardio exercises, you will get that flat stomach look in no time along with that glorious six pack abs.


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  8. I knew the muscle was there, and what it's purpose was… but never knew how to focus on it or "teach" it…. thanks if it works??

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