Your Immune System – Your First Line of Defense Against Cancer

To remain happy and healthy, you must have a strong immune system. The immune system protects us from getting infections and diseases such as cancer. It is the system that helps keep us healthy. The immune system is simply defined as a complex system responsible for identifying and protecting us from infections and foreign substances. The immune system seeks and kills anything invading the body. By having a strong and healthy immune system, you can prevent the onset of various forms of cancer.

Man used to be the hopeless victim of his circumstances. When Louis Pasteur discovered that bacteria caused diseases and that chemicals could kill bacteria, modern medicine was born. Since then, we have struggled to develop chemicals to enhance our health and fight bacteria-causing disease.

We live in an ocean of bacteria and viruses. Yet, these microorganisms do not cause diseases; we become infected by diseases when we have weakened and inefficient immune systems. We see the evidence of this truth constantly around us. One person in an office gets a very bad cold. The person sitting next to him doesn’t get a sniffle. Certainly both were exposed to the same microorganisms. What is the difference? It lies in their immune systems. That’s why we get a flu shot, to build up our immune system against the infection. The immune system destroys cells foreign to the body.

The alternative treatment of cancer has a popular expression that says: “All cancer is the result of an immune system that did not destroy the mutant cells.” Obviously, the cancer cells are foreign to the body. The immune system of a healthy person can destroy 10,000 mutated (cancer) cells each day. When this defense mechanism fails, cancer cells can multiply and become a clinical case of cancer.

When a person has a strong, healthy immune system, they can either prevent cancer from occurring or slow down its rate of growth. Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet, taking vitamins and herbs, drinking plenty of water and exercising daily can boost the immune system, and in the long run, may prevent or slow down cancer. Nobel prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling noted in his recent book Vitamin C – The Common Cold and Flu, that autopsies performed on people who had never suffered from any form of cancer, revealed evidence that they had as many as three cases of different cancers during their life spans and never knew anything about it. He credited a strong, healthy immune system for automatically dealing with all of the diseases – an observation that underlines the importance of the immune system in eradicating cancer and other diseases.

In conclusion, there is a direct connection between having a strong, healthy immune system and preventing or controlling cancer. The immune system can be strengthened by daily exercise, eating healthy foods, and taking herbs and vitamins. Immunitril(tm) is the most complete immunity support formula available today. This revolutionary complex is a unique combination of herbs, extracts, minerals and anti-oxidant vitamins, providing maximum support for immune system function. This is just one more reason why every individual should strive to build up a strong immune system.

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