Home Remedies for Sore Nipples

Breastfeeding is one of the easiest and best ways to provide nutrition to your infant. It nurtures your child and gives the required anti-bodies to fight various diseases. During this period most mothers face a common problem, that of sore nipples. Sore nipples can cause discomfort and pain. Usually mild soreness heals itself within few days. Listed below are some quick remedies to deal with this problem.

Prevention and Home Remedies for Sore Nipples

Application of cool compress to your nipples, before nursing can help in alleviating sore nipple problem. Let the child suckle the nipple which is less sore as the first suckle is the most active. Keep switching sides with each feeding, thus avoiding pressure from the baby’s mouth on the same part of the breast.

Do not discontinue nursing; they heal by frequent nursing with the passage of time. Exposure of nipples and breasts to air prevents growth of thrush. Avoid wearing bra for long hours of the day instead wear nursing bras with flaps. Expose your breasts and nipples to sunlight for minimum 30 seconds and gradually increase it to three minutes.

To prevent cracks, tears and chapping of nipples apply Olive oil, or Sweet almond oil, or Lanolin or Comfrey ointment. Use this throughout the latter part of the pregnancy and beginning weeks of nursing. Do not use soap, cologne, deodorant and powder on your nipples or breasts. Avoid washing nipples with soap as it leads to chaps or cracks.

Application of Comfrey ointment softens and strengthens the nipples. It is useful for sensitive nipples. Use of Yarrow leaf poultices – or Yarrow infused oil provides instant relief from cracked, sore and chapped nipples. For relief rub the nipples with resin of Balsam fir. Phytolacca Decandra is very useful in cases of breast infection, mastitis and cracked nipples.

Calendula cream or ointment is useful in treating cracked nipples, abscess or any other breast injury. Apply it right after nursing and clean it before next feeding. By cutting an Aloe Vera leaf, apply fresh gel to heal sore and cracked nipples.

Make a strong decoction by mixing 2 oz. of Squaw vine with 1 pint water. Add an equal amount of good cream and boil it to a consistency of soft salve. Once cool, strain and apply over the nipples after feeding. For cracked and painful breasts simmer handful of elderberry blossoms in 1/2 cup oil for 20 minutes. When cool, strain and apply it on the breasts.

While feeding the baby from the right breast, express a little milk and apply it on to the left breast and vice versa. Repeat this a few times until the soreness subsides. Breast milk is a great cure to quickly heal cracked or sore nipples.

Warning: The reader of this article should exercise all precautionary measures while following instructions on the home remedies from this article. Avoid using any of these products if you are allergic to it. The responsibility lies with the reader and not with the site or the writer.

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    I'm sorry but breastfeeding is NOT one of the easiest ways as ur article starts out. Its one of the hardest!

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