Treating Burns Through Home Remedial Measures

Getting oneself or your siblings burnt is a very common occurrence in every household. Even if you are not a child you can still fall victim to burns. Some of the common causes of burns would be through steam, hot bath water, hot coffee etc. You can also get burnt if you handle hot objects like a hot plate, curling iron, being too close to the stove etc. Electrical burns can be due to touching a live wire, sticking your fingers inside electrical outlets etc. You can also suffer chemical burns due to bleach, cleaning agents etc.

There are three types of burns first-degree burns, second-degree burns and third degree burns.

First-degree burns are considered to be mildest amongst the three. The stipulated time for healing these kinds of burns is 3 to 6 days. You will notice that the skin turns red accompanied with pain and slight swelling.

Second-degree burns are the more serious kind, where the skin’s inner layer is also affected. The burnt area produces blisters which can be very painful. These burns may heal depending upon the seriousness of the burns.

Third-degree burns are considered to be one of the notorious kinds affecting the layers of the skin and the underlying tissue. It is a gory picture with waxy white, leathery, charred skin color. In the initial stages due to the nerve damage you may not suffer any pain.

Self-Care Measures

Inspect the burn and cover it with a dry cloth.

You need to elevate the burnt area above your heart level to get rid of the annoying pain.

Include citrus fruits, potatoes and broccoli in your daily diet to help in the healing process due to the presence of vitamin C.

Home Remedies for Burns

Aloe vera plant has a great quality of healing, so if its juice is applied on the affected area you can easily get relief from the burn.

When the burns start to heal, you can rub the liquid of vitamin E capsule to soothe the irritated skin. It would also prevent it from scarring.

Apply honey over the burns once it is cooled by running water or ice cubes.

Betel leaves absorbs heat which helps in the healing process. Crush betel leaves along with sugar to be applied on the burnt area.

To stop the burning sensation use cold water and vinegar compress till the pain subsides later apply potato slices. This would really work well on first degree burns.

You can apply toothpaste (any kind, except gel) on the burns. This kept overnight can give relief to the burns.

To remove scars spread egg white over the burnt area. Once the egg hardens roll it off. If need be continue it once more.

Apply nail-varnish on the burn to prevent infection and the constant pain. These can be good for first-degree and small burns.

When burnt, soak the area in cold milk or keep pouring milk on the burnt area. Once this is done rub raw vitamin E on the burn to have a quick healing process with minus scarring.

For minor burns mix together two tablespoons each of marsh mellow and comfrey root. Set this mixture on a low heat with one cup of olive oil and one cup of wine for 30 minutes. Cool and strain and apply this liquid on the burn to get relieve.

Warning: The reader of this article should exercise all precautionary measures while following instructions on the home remedies from this article. Avoid using any of these products if you are allergic to it. The responsibility lies with the reader and not with the site or the writer.

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    It is really helpful for the affected people and to gain knowledge about it.

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