Home Remedies for Gall-Bladder Disorders

Surgery becomes necessary if the gall-stones are very large or in cases in which they have been present for long. Smaller gall-stones can, however, be cleared through dietetic cure. In cases of acute gall-bladder inflammation, the patient should fast for two or three days, until the acute condition is cleared. Nothing but water should be taken during the fast. After the fast, the patient should take fruit and vegetable juices for few days. Carrot, beet, grapefruit, pear, lemon or grapes may be used for juicing.

After the juices, the patient should adopt a well-balanced diet which should contain an adequate amount of all the essential nutrients. Ideally, the diet should be lacto-­vegetarian, with emphasis on raw and cooked vegetables, fresh fruits and vegetable juices, and a moderate amount of fruits and seeds. Pears should be eaten generously as they have a specific healing effect on gall-bladder. Yoghurt, cottage cheese and a tablespoon of olive oil twice a day should also be included in the diet. Oil serves as a stimulant for the production of bile and lipase, the fat digesting enzymes. High quality vegetable oil in the diet also prevents gall-stone formation.

The patient should avoid all meats, eggs, animal fats and processed and denatured foods as well as fried foods. The diet should also exclude refined carbohydrates, especially sugar, sugar products, alcohol, soft drinks, cakes, puddings, ice cream, coffee and citrus fruits. The patients should eat frequent small meals rather than three large meals.

The fresh juice of beets, in combination with the juices of carrot and cucumber, is one of the finest cleansing material for gall-bladder. This juice has proved beneficial in the treatment of all disorders relating to this organ.

The use of pear is another excellent remedy for gall-bladder disorders. The fruit or its juice should be taken liberally by the patient with beneficial results. It exercises a special healing effect in these conditions, including gall­stones.

The flowers, seeds and roots of chicory or endive plant are considered valuable in gall-bladder disorders. About 30 to 60 ml. of decoction of the flowers, seeds or roots can be used three times daily, with beneficial results, in the treatment of these disorders. Endive or chicory juice in almost any combination promotes the secretion of bile and is, therefore, very good for both liver and gall-bladder dysfunctions.

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